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Student Publications

S. No. Author Details Student Details Title of the Paper Name of the Journal/ Conference Vol./ Yr. of Publication /Page No.
1. P. Senthil Kumar, Reema Reema Roll No. 20211D9512 Characterization of Al/SiC and Al/TiB2 Metal Matrix Composite AIP Proceedings (SCOPUS) 2022
2. P. Senthil Kumar, Reema Reema Roll No. 20211D9512 Development of Al/SiC Metal Matrix Composite by Using Stir Casting Method AIP Proceedings (SCOPUS) 2022

Student Publications

S. No.Author DetailsStudent DetailsTitle of the PaperName of the Journal/ConferenceVol./Yr. of Publication/Page No.
1.A. Padma Rao, Prashanth


Roll No.


Design And Analysis of Milling Fixture for Belt Feed Booster of BMP-II Vehicles

1st International Conference on

Mechanical Engineering: Researches and Evolutionary Challenges, Department of Mechanical Engineering

National Institute of Technology Warangal-506 004, June 23-25, 2023.



Faculty Publications

Sl.NoAuthor/Co- authorTitle of paperJournalVolume & Issue, PagesReference (DOI/ISBNNo/ISSN No)
1.Dr. A. Padma Rao, Dr. V. MuraliKrishnaInvestigation of Mechanical Properties on Fiber Reinforced polymer nano compositesusing ABAQUSE3S Web of Conferences309, 01029(2021) 10.1051/e3sconf/ 202130901029
2.Dr. P. Senthil Kumar and Dr.V. Murali KrishnaAnalyzing the Cooling Rate and its Effect on Distribution of Pattern and Size of the Titanium Di-Boride ParticlesFormed”Journal of Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (Scopus and WOS indexed Journal), November 2021, SCI:1.63Volume 2021| ArticleID 1364423 0.1155/2021/1364423
3.Dr. V. Murali Krishna, Dr.M. Sandeep Kumar, Mr.R. Muthalagu and Dr. P. SenthilKumarNumerical Study of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer for Fluid Flow of Cu-Al2O3- Water Hybrid Nano Fluid in Micro Channel Heat SinkMaterials Today: ProceedingsVolume 49,Part 5, 2022,Pages 1298-1302 1016/j.matpr.202 1.06.385
4.Mr. R.Muthalagu and Dr. V. MuraliDetermining the Fiber Loading on Mechanical Behavior of Kenaf and Sisal Fibers Reinforced PolyesterCompositesLNME (Springer)pp 1057–1068https://link.sprin 981-16-2794-1_92
5.Dr. P. Senthil Kumar and Dr.A. Padma Rao and Dr.V. MuraliKrishnaEffect of Ceramic Nano fillers in Jute fiber compositeJournal of Advances in Material Science and EngineeringVolume 2022| ArticleID 3057829 0.1155/2022/3057829
  6.Dr. A. Padma RaoAn Investigation of Fatigue Behavior of Bi-Directional Fibre Reinforced Polymer Nano Composite using FEA SolverMaterials Today: Proceedings (Scopus and WOS Indexed journal), ElsevierVolume 49,Part 5, 2022,Pages 1737-1744https://www.sci science/article/a bs/pii/S2214785 321054195
7.Dr. A. Padma Rao,Design and Analysis of Finned Brake Drum by using FEA- TATA TruckAIP conference proceedingsAIPConference Proceedings 2 0.1063/5.0058068
    358, 060004(2021) 
 8.Dr. A. Padma Rao and Mr. Manzoor HadiModelling, Analysis and Development of Progressive Die for Seat RailE3S Web of Conferences309, 01029(2021) 1051/e3sconf/202 130
 9.Dr. A. Padma RaoWater Removal from an Ethanol-Water Mixture at Azeotropic  Condition  byAdsorption TechniquJournal of Adsorption Science & TechnologyVolume 2022, Article ID 8374471, 062221096271
  10.Dr. P. Senthil Kumar and Dr.A. Padma RaoSol-Gel derived Al2O3/Gr/HAP nano composite Coatings on Ti- 6Al-4V Alloy for enhancing Tribo-Mechproperties                   and Antibacterial Activity for Bone implantsJournal of Applied Physics (Scopus and WOS indexed Journal) with an impact factor of 2.584.128,Article numbe r: 635 (2022)https://link.sprin 10.1007/s00339-022-05784-7
 11.Dr. P. Senthil KumarThe High Energy Concentration of Heat Pipe for Enhanced Electronic CoolingLNME (Springer)pp 253–259https://link.sprin 981-16-2794-1_22
 12.Dr. P. Senthil KumarInfluence of Drop Weight Low- Velocity Impact on Thin Panels Study by Numerical Simulation and Experimental Approachin LNME, Springer, and June 2022.LNME 2195-4364https://link.sprin 981-19-0296-3_25
  13.Dr. K. Obula ReddyHydrogen Fueled Scramjet Combustor with a Wavy-wall DoubleStrut Fuel Injector in FuelScience and Technology of Fuel and Energy (Scopus and WOS indexed Journal), Elsevier, July 2021, SCI:6.609Volume 304, 15November 2021, 121425https://www.scie ence/article/pii/S 0016236121013041
 14.Dr. K. Obula ReddyCombined effect of Spiral Coil inserts and Nano fluids for Heat Transfer EnhancementJournal of Heat transfer (Scopus and WOS indexed Journal), September 2021Volume 28,Issue 8, 2021,pp. 49-65DOI: 10.1615/JEnhHeatTransf.20 21039041
   15.Dr. K. Obula ReddyInfluence of Coefficient of Friction between Punch- Blank interface on formability of Friction Stir Welded Aluminum tailor welded blanks – An Experimental and Finite Element                              SimulationInvestigations”Journal of Mechanical Engineering ScienceVolume 236, Issue 17 0.1177/09544062221096271
  16.Dr. K. Obula ReddyEffect of Oblique Shock Wave induced from a Wavy-wall Combustor Surface for a Splitter plate Scramjet CombustorInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy (Scopus and WOS indexed Journal) with an impact factor of 7.139.Volume 47,Issue 65, 30July 2022,Pages 28125-28138 0.1016/j.ijhyden e.2022.06.103
  17.Mr. R.Muthalagu,Experimental Evaluation on Tribological Behavior of TiO2 Reinforced Polyamide Composites Validated byTaguchi and Machine Learning MethodsJournal of Computational Technologies in Materials SciencePages23 eBookISBN97810031 21954https://www.taylo ters/edit/10.1201/ 9781003121954-8
 18.Dr. A. Varun Dr. M.Sandeep KumarSurface Roughness Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms while Turning under Different                              LubricationConditionsJournal of Physics: Conference Series (Scopus and WOS Indexed Journal),November 2021.Conf.Ser. 2070 012243DOI 10.1088/174 26596/2070/1/012243
 19.Dr. M.Sandeep KumarNanofluids Application for Cutting Fluids” in Advances in Sustainable Machining and Manufacturing ProcessesCRC Press, Taylor and Francis(pp.91-119) 03284574-7
S. No.Author DetailsStudent DetailsTitle of the PaperName of the Journal/ConferenceVol./Yr. of Publication/Page No.
1.A. Padma Rao, G. Venu

Mr. G. Venu

Roll No.


Investigation of Mechanical Properties on Fibre Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites Using ABAQUSE3S Web of Conferences309, 2021
2.A. Padma Rao, A. Satyanarayana

A. Satyanarayana

Roll No.


An Investigation on Fatigue Behaviour of Bi-Directional Fibre Reinforced Polymer Nano Composite Using FEA Solver, pp. 1737-1744Materials Today Proceedings49, 2022, 1737-1744


Faculty Publications


Author/Co- author

Title of paper


Volume & Issue, Pages

Reference (DOI/ISBN



Dr. V. Murali Krishna, Dr.

M. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. P. Senthil Kumar

Numerical investigation of heat transfer and pressure drop for cooling of microchannel heat sink using MWCNT-CuO-Water hybrid   nanofluid   with

different mixture ratio.

Materials         Today: Proceedings, (Scopus & WOS indexed)

42, 969-974,


ISSN 2214-






Mr. R.

Muthalagu, Dr. V. Murali Krishna

Extraction and Effects of Mechanical Characterization and Thermal Attributes of Jute, Prosopis Juliflora Bark and Kenaf Fibers Reinforced Bio Composites Used for

Engineering Applications

Fibers Polymer (SCI) , Springer Publications, IF:1.797


ISSN 1229-9197





Dr. K. V. N

Srinivasa Rao

CFD Studies of Mixing Behavior of Inert Sand with Biomass in Fluidized Bed.

Journal of Mechanics of Continua          and Mathematical

Vol.-15, No.- 7, July 2020,

pp 597-607 (UGC)

10.26782/jmcm s.2020.07.0005 3


Dr. P. Senthil Kumar

Characterizations on hybrid of caustic treated natural and glass fiber, Materials Today:


Materials         Today: Proceedings

33 (2020):


ISSN: 2214-





Dr. K. Obula Reddy, Dr. V. Murali Krishna

CFD Analysis for airflow distribution of a Conventional Building Plan for             Different     Wind Directions

Journal                                  of

Computational Design and      Engineering, OXFORD University Press(SCI-E, IF – 3.408)

Volume                     8,

Issue 2, April

2021,              Pages


10.1093/jcde/q waa095


Dr. P. Senthil Kumar, Dr. V. Murali Krishna

Influence of Nanoadditives on Performance and Emission Features of D.I Engine Worked using Blended      Pyrolysis                     Oil

Methyl Ester

Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy   and Rehabilitation

Vol 32(3)

ISSN: 2651-



Ms. M.


Electrical                               discharge machining of ceramic coated Titanium alloy in association with Ultrasonic machining

Solid                             State


Vol 63, No.6,


Electrical discharge machining                       of ceramic.pdf



Ms. G.


Investigation of Behavioural Characteristics                                     of Composite AA6061/ZrO2/C

Solid                             State


Vol 63, No.6,


https://solidstatet ex.php/JSST/artic



Mr. P. Naresh Kumar Reddy

Duplex stainless steel welding microstructures have been  engineered  for

thermal welding cycles & nitrogen (N) gas protection

Materials                          Today: Proceedings(Scopus)

ISSN 2214-






Mr. T. Vijaya Sarathi, Mr.

P. Anil Babu

Explore The Unjustified Rotation Ω ≠ 1/2 (Rot Ʋ) of an Attractive Delayed Nanofluid In An Attractive Par Fused Vehicle. Through The Langevin And Navier-

Stokes Equations

Journal      of                 critical reviews(Scopus)

Vol 7, Issue

09, 2020

ISSN- 2394-



Mr. T. Vijaya Sarathi

Performance Assessment of

Solar     Water             Distillation Plant

PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt

/ Egyptology,

17(9), 7614 –


ISSN 1567- 214X


Dr. K. Obula Reddy

Computational Investigation of Heat Energy Interaction for a

Residential Building with a Normal Clay brick and Sinicon-brick

Journal of Computational Design and Engineering, OXFORD University Press(SCI-E, IF –


Volume                    8,

Issue 2, April

2021,              Pages


10.1093/jcde/q wab013


Dr. K. Obula Reddy

Effect of a revolved wedge strut               induced               mixing enhancement for a hydrogen fueled scramjet combustor, International               Journal               of

Hydrogen Energy

International Journal of                     Hydrogen Energy (SCI, IF – 4.9)


ISSN 0360-


10.1016/j.ijhyde ne.2021.01.089.


Volume 46,

Issue 24,


Pages 13340-




Dr. K. Obula Reddy

Effect of Wavy-wall Strut Fuel Injector on Shock Wave Development and Mixing Enhancement of Fuel and Air for a Scramjet Combustor

Journal                                  of

Computational Design and

Engineering, OXFORD                    University Press, (SCI-E,                 IF   – 3.408)

Volume                     8,

Issue                     1,

February 2021,              Pages


10.1093/jcde/q waa084,



Mr. R.


Wear, friction behaviour and thermal characteristics of tungsten carbide reinforced polyamide  composites  for

gear applications

Materials                                  Today: Proceedings






Mr. R.


Finite element modeling using carbon epoxy plates for   propeller   blades


Materials                                  Today: Proceedings







Mr. R.


Effects of fiber loading on mechanical characterization of pineapple leaf and sisal fibers reinforced polyester composites   for   various


Materials                                  Today: Proceedings

Volume                   44,

Part 1, 2021,

Pages                546-



matpr.2020.10.2 14Corpus ID: 228867903





Mr. R.


Determination                                     of Mechanical Properties and Characterization of Alkali Treated Sugarcane Bagasse, Pine Apple Leaf and Sisal Fibers Reinforced Hybrid Polyester  Composites  for

Various Applications

“Fibers and


22,              1675–

1683 (2021)






Mr. R.


Tensile attributes and material analysis of kevlar and date palm fibers reinforced epoxy composites

for automotive bumper applications

Materials                                  Today: Proceedings

Volume                   46,

Part 1, 2021,

Pages                433-







Mr. R.


Design And Analysis of a Disk With Titanium Alloy And Finding Out Crack Propagation In Ansys Workbench

International        Journal of        Mechanical        and Production Engineering Research and           Development


10, Issue 3,






Faculty Publications

Sl.NoAuthor/Co- authorTitle of paperJournalVolume & Issue, PagesReference (DOI/ISBNNo/ISSN No)
1.Dr. P. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Y. Krishna ReddyEvaluation of mechanical properties of hybrid Al7009 nanocomposite,                                    EnergySources, 0.66 IF.Part A: Recovery, Utilization,                                and Environmental Effects(Taylor&Francis) (SCI)1-9, 201910.1080/15567036.2019.1624876
2.Dr. V. Murali KrishnaRegenerative braking system using pulse width modulation technique on brushed DCmotorMaterials Science and Engineering (Scopus)577 (2019)01205810.1088/1757-899X/577/1/012058
3.Dr. V. Murali Krishna, Dr. M. Sandeep Kumar, A. Haritha Reddy,A. RaghuEffect of hydroxy gas addition on performance and exhaust emissions in variable compression spark ignition engineMaterials Today: Proceedings (Scopus)24, 930–936,2020 1016/j.matpr.202 0.04.404
4.Dr. M. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. V. Murali KrishnaAn Investigation on Turning AISI 1018 Steel with Hybrid Bio-degradeable Nanofluid/MQL Incorporated with Combinations of CuO-Al2O3 NanoparticlesMaterials                           Today: Proceedings (Scopus)24, 1577–1584,2020 0.1016/j.matpr.2 020.04.478
5.Dr. M. Sandeep Kumar, Dr. V. Murali Krishna, Dr. A. VarunInvestigation on influence of Hybrid                         Biodegradable Nanofluids (CuO-ZnO) on Surface Roughness in Turning AISI 1018 SteelMaterials Today: Proceedings (Scopus)24, 1570–1576,2020 0.1016/j.matpr.2 020.04.477
6.Dr. K. V. NSrinivasa RaoQuality Management, total quality management and six sigmaInternational journal of scientific and technology research8, 394-399,2019ISSN 2277-8616
7.Dr. K. V. NSrinivasa RaoTotal quality management; concept,                      implementation, obstacles and benefitsInternational journal of mechanical engineering9, 277-286,2019ISSN (P) 2249-6890ISSN (E) 2249-8001
8.Dr. K. V. NSrinivasa RaoTQM, six sigma and leanInternational journal ofapplied engineering research (Scopus)14, 3442-3447,2019ISSN 0973-4562
9.Dr. M. Sandeep KumarFabrication and parametric optimization of SiO2-BN gelcast ceramic  compositesusing response surface methodologyMaterials        Today: Proceedings (Scopus)18, 2298-2307,201910.1016/j.matpr.2 019.07.012
10.Mr. K. Obula ReddyNumerical investigation of wavy wall strut fuel injector for hydrogen fueled  scramjetcombustorInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy (SCI)44, 32240-32253, 201910.1016/j.ijhydene.2019.10.147