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Mr. C. Samuel Peter

Assistant Professor

B.E.: Civil Engineering, VNR-VJIET, 2014.
M.Tech.: Highway Engineering, Malla Reddy Institute of Technology,  2016.

JNTUH Registration ID: 1138-170110-130120
Employment Status: JNTUH Ratified

Total Experience : 6 years 2 months

  1. Transportation Engineering
  2. Highway Engineering
  3. Surveying and Geomatics
  1. Traffic Engineering
  2. Traffic simulation tools and Techniques
  3. Causes and optimisation measures for congestion related problems
  1. Samuel Peter,  “Comparitive Studies between T-Junction and Rotary Junction and Alternate Method to minimize the traffic flow”, Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education, Vol.12, Issue 10, April-2021.
  2. Samuel Peter, “Estimation of Traffic Volume and Optimization of Traffic Signal Timing Using     VISSIM Software”, International Journal of Emerging Technology and Adavanced Engineering (IJETAE) Volume 7, Special Issue 2, Page 503-507, December 2017.
  3. Samuel Peter, “Analysis of Heterogeneous traffic volume studies and optimization of signal  cycle length by VISSIM software”, International Journal of Engineering and Technology,Vol No 7 (3.29)(2018) pp.474-478, International, SCOPUS
  1. Three Days Faculty Development Programme on “Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure” 13th-15th Sept 2020
  2. AICTE Sponsored One Week Online Short Term Training Program(STTP), PHASE-III on “Soft Computing Techniques in Civil Engineering: Structures, Water Resources, Geotechnical, Remote Sensing and Transportation Applications” organized by SVECW, Bhimavaram.
  3. AICTE Sponsored One Week Online Short Term Training Program(STTP), PHASE-II on “Soft Computing Techniques in Civil Engineering” organized by SVECW, Bhimavaram.
  1. Introduction to GIS Mapping from University of Toronto on June 06, 2020.
  2. GIS Data Acquisition and Map Design from University of Toronto on June 16, 2020.
  3. Spatial Analysis and Satellite Imagery in a GIS from University of Toronto on August 18, 2020.