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Student Activities

Sathvik Reddy, Sri Vignesh, Bhavya, Srinidhi, Lohith of CIVIL 2018-22 Batch have participated in Smart e-Hackathon on Sustainable RuraL Development – 2021 (SH – SRD 2021) conducted by SRM University during October 18-23, 2021.

A. Srujankumar (18211A0106), A. Kishore (18211A0104), P.Lavanya (19215A0106), B. Divya (18211A0118) of B VRaju Institute of Technology Narsapur has bagged “THE BEST PROJECT AWARD FIRST PRIZE in CIVIL ENGINEERING” stream for project titled “COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS ON PROPERTIES OF PLASTIC BRICKS AND CLAY BRICKS” Guided by Sangmesh Biradar in SRISHTI 2022 held at SAINTGITS College of Engineering(Autonomous), Kottayam on 25th and 26th April 2022.

P. Vinay Chandra (18211a0184), Vaidyam SaiKiran (18211A01B4) Won 2nd Prize in Reality Modelling using Bentley Context Capture organised by MCE-CEA Certificate of Technical Achievement 

P. Vinay Chandra (18211a0184) Won 20th Ranking in ELEATION’s CAE Contest : 3rd Edition organised by ELEATION.

Manuka Soumya (18211A0160) got Certificate of Excellence for outstanding performance in National Engineering Olympiad 4.0 with AIR 23 in the category

Bentley Student Design Challenge 2019 – India (Open Roads) First Prize won by Varun Nemaliga

Bentley Student Design Challenge 2019 – India (Open Roads) Ms. Manasa received Special recognition for Innovative Project

Bentley Student Design Challenge 2019 – India (Open Roads) Ms. Deekshitha received Special recognition for Innovative Project

Bentley Student Design Challenge 2019 – India (Reality Modeling) Ms. Lalithya secured Special recognition for Innovative Project

E.Sarika Reddy, K.Sahithya Reddy and G.Pranay Kumar of 2016-20 Batch got 3rd Prize at National Conference on Futuristic Approaches in Civil Engineering at Mahindra Ecole Centrale College of Engg.

Secured 1st Prize in GE Precision Health challenge 2020 Bangalore

T.Sai Eshwar of 2017-21 Batch has won “Map Champion” conducted by Telangana Academy for Skill and Knowledge, Hyderabad.

P.Vinay Chandra of 2018-22 Batch has been awarded “Map Expert” award from Telanagana Academy for Skill and Knowledge”, Hyderabad

List of Industry Visit by Civil Engineering Students

S.No.OrganizationMonth-Year of VisitNo. of Students visitedField Visit Report
1Site Visit to Begumpet AirportMay-2255Click here


Operation and Maintenance of Railways at Sanath Nagar railway stationApr-2260Click here
3Construction of Retaining Earth wall and Road Widening near SangareddyMar-2260Click here
4Construction of Pile Foundation and Road Widening near SangareddyDec-2152Click here
5DST Project at BVRIT CampusNov-1940 
6Singoor Dam  Oct-1994 
7IGBC, Hyderabad Sep-1992 
8PEBS PENNAR Aug-1950 
9Divya Shakti Granites Aug-1960 
10Solid Waste Management Site, Dundigal Feb-1996 
11Kaleshwaram Project Nov-18100 
12Divya Shakti Granites Oct-18100 
13Kaleshwaram Project Apr-1870 
14Drip Irrigation at Gajwel Apr-18140 
15Polavaram Project  Mar-1790 
16Engineering Geology Field Visit Feb-17100 
17STP at BVRIT Campus Oct-1671 
18Drone Surveying at Moosapet Village Oct-1638 

Site Visit to Begumpet Airport on 28-May-2022 

Site Visit to Operation and Maintenance of Railways at Sanath Nagar Railway Station on 30-April-2022 

Site Visit to Construction of Retaining Earth wall and Road Widening near Sangareddy on 03-March-2022 

Site visit Construction of Pile Foundation and Road Widening near Sangareddy on 23-Dec-2021

Field Visit to Kaleswaram, April-2018

Field Visit to Kaleswaram, November-2018

Field Visit to Solid Waste Management Site, Dundigal, Feb-2019

Field Visit to Singoor Dam

List of Internships Done At Industry for 2017 – 2021 Batch

S.No.Company NameGovt./PrivateNo.of StudentsSpecialization
1My HomePrivate14Construction Management
2Ramky EnviroPrivate4Solid Waste Management
3Malva InfraPrivate8Structural Engineering
4Mission BhagiradhaGovt.7Water Resources Engineering

List of Internships Done At Industry for 2016 – 2020 Batch

S.No.Company NameGovt./PrivateNo.of StudentsSpecialization
1GHMCGovt.11Structural Engineering
2I & CAD, MedakGovt.14Water Resources Engineering
3L&T, AmaravatiPrivate4Structural Engineering
4Lepakshi Constructions and DevelopersPrivate5Structural Engineering
5MY HOME CONSTRUCTIONS, GACHIBOWLIPrivate10Structural Engineering
6TNR-PRESTON PROJECTS LLPPrivate4Structural Engineering
7NCC Limited, APTIDCO Project, KakinadaPrivate4Structural Engineering
8Panchayath Raj, KamareddyGovt.5Transportation  Engineering
9TATA PROJECTS LTD, SECUNDERABADPrivate1Structural Engineering
10KAPIL CONSTRUCTIONS, HYDERABADPrivate7Structural Engineering
11Vertex Constructions, Nizampet, HyderabadPrivate8Structural Engineering
12L&T Private4Structural Engineering
13SURVEY at GORREGHAT SITE, SADASHIVPETPrivate7Surveying & Geomatics
14FORZA INTERIOR PVT LTDPrivate4Structural Engineering
15Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme(PRLIS) Govt.1Structural Engineering
16BSCPL, HYDPrivate5Structural Engineering
17Panchayat Raj, MedakGovt.4Transportation  Engineering
18Panchayat Raj, MedakGovt.4Structural Engineering
19PARTHA CONSTRUCTIONS, HyderabadPrivate4Structural Engineering
20Pebs Pennar, HyderabadPrivate6Structural Engineering
21SRR CONSTRUCTIONS, HYDPrivate3Transportation  Engineering
22RAMKY CONSTRUCTIONSPrivate4Structural Engineering
23Shivaram Constructions, HyderabadPrivate5Structural Engineering
24Sanjeeva Sai Projects, HydPrivate10Structural Engineering
25FORZA Interior Pvt.Ltd.Private4Interior Design

List of Major Projects Done At Industry for 2015 – 2019 Batch

S.No.Roll No. of StudentTitle of InternshipName of the guide
115211A0147Order Management and Design Of Pre-Engineered StructureMrs. A. Supraja
516215A0104Vegetation & Land Cover Changes In WatershedDr. P. Rambabu
915211A0156Materials & Energy Analysis of an Energy Efficient BuildingDr. R. Vijay Kumar
1415211A0186Analysis & design of Residential buildingMr. M.V. Jagannadha Kumar
1815211A0163Planning, Design and analysis of commercial buildingMr. M.V. Jagannadha Kumar

List of Major Projects Done at Industry for 2014 – 2018 Batch

S. No.Project TitleName of the IndustryArea of SpecializationStudents involved
1Mapping of Pipe Network and its Assets of Patancheru Zone-I using RTK DGPS techniqueHMWSSBSurveying and Water Supply14211A0102
2GIS Mapping of Water Distribution Network Using ArcGIS And Design by WaterGEMS SoftwareHMWSSBSurveying and Water Supply14211A0106
3Mapping of Pipe line Network and its Assets of Patancheru Zone-II using RTK DGPS techniqueHMWSSBSurveying and Water Supply14211A0103
4Network analysis of existing water distribution for the area JLNS Nagar using EPANETHMWSSBSurveying and Water Supply14211A0124
5Extraction of Features From Lidar Data Using Microstation SoftwareNRSCInfrastructure/ Transportation/GIS14211A0111
6Soil Conservation Impacts In Musi Project, Nalgonda(Dist.), Telangana  Using Usle ModelNRSCInfrastructure/ Transportation/GIS14211A0160
7Estimation And Soil Testing of Kurumurthiraya Reservoir Bund (Palamuru Rangareddy Lift Irrigation Scheme)Prasad InfrastructuresInfrastructure14211A0119
8Geospatial Assessment of Soil Conservation Impacts In Musi Project Using Invest ModelNRSCInfrastructure/ Transportation/GIS14211A0160
9Estimation & Design Of Pre-Engineered StructurePennar IndustriesPEB14211A0112

Students’ Publications in AY 2021-22

Students’ Publications in AY 2019-20

Students’ Publications in AY 2018-19

Students’ Publications in AY 2017-18

S. No.

Name of the Student

Paper title

Journal name

Issue, volume, page no’s & year


Vijay Sai D,

K. Krishna Sagar

 A Review on Application of Geosynthetics in Reinforced Sections under Cyclic Loading

 International Journal of Emerging Technology and Advanced Engineering

 E-ISSN 2250–2459, Volume 7, Special Issue 2, December 2017


M Karthikeya, S Sandeep Kumar, S Baghirath Reddy

Geospatial Assessment of Soil Conservation Impacts In Musi Project Using Invest Model

International Journal of Research & Technology

E-ISSN 2394–9007, Volume 8, 2018.

Students’ Publications in AY 2016-17

S. No.

Name of the Student

Paper title

Journal name

Issue, volume, page no’s & year


Lakshmi Gayitri Keerthana

Design of Sewer Network for B.V. Raju Institute of Technology Using Sewer gems Software

Proceedings of 2nd Industry Academia Conference on Construction Management

Conference Publication


G. Prajwala, K.V.S.N. Navyasri , I. Sitaram Anish

Development Of Intensity Duration Frequency Curves For NarsapurMandal, Telangana State, India

IJRET: International Journal of Research in Engineering and Technology

eISSN: 2319-1163 | pISSN: 2321-7308, Volume: 05 Issue: 06, June-2016,


BhanuPratap Reddy, Sree Lakshmi Prasanthi,  Sri Karan Reddy,

Assessment of Water Quality Index of Ground Water in NarsapurMandal, Telangana

IJIRST –International Journal for Innovative Research in Science & Technology

Volume 3 | Issue 11 | April 2017 ISSN (online): 2349-6010