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Dr. Salauddin Mohammad, MSc., PhD; Post Doc

Dr. Salauddin Mohammad, MSc., PhD; Post Doc

Assistant Professor

Post Doc: Academia Sinica, Taiwan

PhD: JNTU (H), 2017.

MSc: Osmania University, 2007.

BSc: Acharya Nagarjuna University 2004

JNTU Faculty ID:2635-150417-165252


Contact Number: +91-7799176767


Research Network:

H-Index: 04

i10-Index: 04


ORCID Author ID: 0000-0002-0809-6356


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 Scopus Author ID:47861378200

Researcher ID:AAY-5065-2021 

Teaching Experience – 5 years

Research Experience – 15

Total Experience – 20 years

Comparative study of long term atmospheric waves over Hyderabad and Gadanki

My area of research is middle atmospheric dynamics, general circulation of atmosphere and stratosphere troposphere exchange. The study of the atmosphere is one of the oldest intellectual pursuits. The atmosphere cannot be ignored; it is our environment. Although our everyday experiences of the earth’s atmosphere are, in general, confined to those phenomena which occur in the lower few kilometers, it does in fact extend up to an altitude of several hundred kilometers. In order to understand the many and varied approximations and assumptions of small-scale features such as individual clouds, regional, global weather prediction or climate models, it is necessary to study the various wave motions which are present in the atmosphere. The identification and appreciation of the mechanisms of these waves will allow us to isolate or eliminate certain wave types and to better understand the viability and effectiveness of commonly made approximations such as assuming hydrostatic balance.

Assistant Professor – BVRIT, Narsapur (2024- Till now)

Post Doc: Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2019-2023)

Assistant Professor: VBIT, Hyderabad (2015 – 2019)

Research Scholar: JRF/SRF (ISRO sponsored projects), VBIT (2009-2015)

  1. Salauddin Mohammad, Gopa Dutta, MCA Kumar, PV Rao, PV Kumar and Krishna Ette, Seasonal effects of atmospheric waves over tropical tropopause using radiosonde observations at Hyderabad, India.Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics. 134:83.
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  11. Salauddin Mohammad, Dutta, G., Rao, B. V., and Vinay Kumar, P.,Equatorial wave activity during 2007 over Gadanki, a tropical station, J.Earth Syst. Sci. 124, No. 4, June 2015, pp. 897–908, 2015.
  12. Salauddin Mohammad, Dutta, G., Vinay Kumar, P., Krishna, E. AjayKumar, M. C., Rao, B. V. and Rao, P. V., Madden Julian Oscillations over atropical Indian station using radar and ERA data of winds, Indian, J. ofRadio and Space Phys., 43, 48-56, 2014.


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  1. Received personal appreciation from former president Prof APJ Abdul Kalam
  2. Received a gold medal from Acharya Nagarjuna University at graduation level
  3. Received travel grants from MST, SPARC, CSIR, DST, ISRO to attend international conferences and workshops
  • Lifetime Member: India Meteorological Department
  • Executive committee member for Young Earth System scientist (YESS) community endorsed by WCRP, WMO and WWRP
  1. Elected as regional representative for South East Asia (2017-2019) and South West pacific (2021-2023) by Young Earth System Scientist (YESS) community endorsed by WCRP, WWRP and WMO
  2. Elected as executive committee member for YESS (2023-2025) community.
  3. Elected as executive committee member for India Meteorological Department (IMD Hyderabad) for 2014 – 2016
  4. NAAC coordinator – criteria (research) III for NAAC inspection at VBIT
  5. Autonomous – Coordinator for autonomous inspection VBIT
  6. NBA – Coordinator for NBA inspection VBIT