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K Mahesh

Associate Professor

Ph.D.: – Pursuing from Presidency University, Bangalore.
M.Tech: – Power Systems Emphasis with High Voltage Engineering – JNTU,Kakinada, 2003.
B.Tech– EEE, RVR&JC College Of Engineering, 2000

Teaching Experience: 17 years
R&D Experience – 1 Years

Contact Number: +91-9885390198
BVRIT Employee ID: 569
JNTUH Registration ID: 64150404-154529

  1. Life Member, Indian Society for Technical Education.
  2. Member, IUCEE
  1. M.Tech. guidance: Guided more than 15 students
  2. B.Tech. project guidance: Guided more than 22 Students
  3. No. of sponsored projects executed: 02 (SDP & MODROBS)
  4. No. of international & national journals: 15
  5. No. of national conference proceedings & paper presentations: 06
  6. No. of guest lectures delivered: 03
  1. High Voltage Engineering
  2. Smart Grid Techniques
  3. Performance of dielectrics in high voltage applications
  1. High Voltage Engineerin
  2. Power System Protection
  3. Power System Stability and Dynamics
  4. Network Analysis
  5. Power Systems Analysis
  6. High Voltage Dielectrics and Insulation
  7. Insulation Coordination & Surge Phenomenon
  8. Extra High Voltage AC Transmission
  9. Lightning and Switching Over Voltages


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  15. K. Mahesh and Miss. Y Jhansi published a paper titled “A Power Quality Enhancement in a Electric Grid Based Network” international conference on computational intelligence and communication, Chennai (ICCIC-2012), ISSN 2421 – 8765 5th to 6th July 2012.


  1. Mahesh, K. Ramakrishna and Dr. G. Venu Madhav  “Suppression of    Voltage Sag and Swell by Using Neuro-Fuzzy based D-STATCOM” in IJCESR- 2018 at Mall Reddy Group of Institutions.
  2. Mahesh, K. Ramakrishna and Dr. G. Venu Madhav  “Performance      Comparison of ANN and PI based D- STATCOM for Mitigation of Voltage Sag and Swell”     IJCESR- 2018 at Mall Reddy Group of Institutions.
  3. Mr. K. Mahesh and Mrs. Laxmi Sahitya “ Design characteristics of Gapless arrester with different dielectric media” RAPIDEET-     2016 conducted by BV Raju Institute of Technology at 24th and 25th     October 2016.
  4. Mr. K. Mahesh and Mr. B.V. Rami Reddy “Compatibility of Zinc Oxide Varistor  with different           dielectric media such as Air, Transformer oil and SF6.” on 16-17th March, 2008



  1. Mahesh and A. Geeta Malika “Control And Analysis Of Wind Power Generation System In A Micro-grid With Fuzzy Control Of DC- Grid” conference WCASET-17  in Goa.
  2.  K. Mahesh and Dr. N. Bhoopal   “Compatibility   of    Zinc Oxide Varistor with different dielectric media such as air, transformer oil and SF6” 18th international level conference  Instrumentation of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (ICIEEE-2016) , 29-05-2016 at Hyderabad