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Mrs. V. Sravani Sameera

Assistant Professor
B.Tech.: M.V.G.R.  College Of Engineering, Vizianagaram, 2013
M.Tech.: Andhra University College Of Engineering, Visakhapatnam, 2015

Teaching Experience- 2.5 years
Research Experience – 1 year

Contact Number: 7981840210

JNTUH Registration ID: 7977-191227-153318

BVRITN Employee ID:  949

Publication Link:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Thin Films
  • Nanotechnology
  • Thin films Fabrication and Characterization
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Technical poster entitled “Structural, Wetting and Optical properties of AgI and Ag/ZnO bilayer thin films” was presented at an International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies for Smart and Clean Cities (SETS&CC) held in Tirupati, July 27-29, 2016.
  • Presented a poster entitled “Effect of Annealing and Iodization on Microstructural and Optical properties of Ag thin films” at National Seminar on Smart Materials held in J.M.J. Collge for Women (A), Tenali, 30th Nov to 1st Dec, 2016.
  1. Ravipati Praveena, Sravani Sameera, Md. Ahamad Mohiddon, M Ghanashyam Krishna, Surface plasmon resonance, photoluminescence and surface enhanced Raman scattering behaviour of Ag/ZnO, ZnO/Ag and ZnO/Ag/ZnO thin films. Physica B: Condensed Matter, Volume -555 (2019), 118-124, Impact Factor-1.874
  1. Praveena, P. Venkata Lakshmamma, V. Sravani Sameera, V. Venkatramu, I.R.Martin, V. Lavin, C.K. Jayasankar, Concentration dependent near infrared and cooperative luminescence of Yb3+ ions in Lu3Sc2Ga3O12 nano-garnets, Materials Research Bulletin (Elsevier) 101 (2018), 347–352, Impact Factor – 2.873
  1. Praveena, V. Sravani Sameera, N.V. Prabhakara Rao Thirumala, C.S. Sunandana, M. Ghanashyam Krishna,  “The effect of pre-annealing on the structural evolution and optical response of Ag films exposed to iodine vapours”, Bulletin of Material Science, (2018) 41:89.(Springer), Impact factor 0.899
  1. Praveena, V. Sravani Sameera, Debarun Dhar Purkayastha, M. Ghanashyam Krishna, Iodization induced reversible wettability in nanostructured Ag films, Phys. Status Solidi. (A), 00 (2017) 1700335. (Elsevier), Impact factor 1.175
  1. Praveena, V. Sravani Sameera, Ch.B. Poornima, C.K. Jayasankar,Photoluminescence properties of Tm3+/Ho3+-doped YAGG nanocrystalline powders,Optical Materials 72 (2017) 666-672.(Elsevier), Impact factor 2.238