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CSEPG – Results

Year & SEM No of Students Pass Percentage Topper   Appeared Passed   Roll NO- Name-SGPA 2022 Admitted Batch I & I 11 6 54.54 2211D5809- K. Sindhura-9.22 I & II 11 11 100 22211D5810-K.Sowjanya-8.94           2021 Admitted Batch I & I 13 8 61.5 21211D5805-B Divya-9.44 I & II 13 […]

CSEPG – Sponsored and Consultancy Projects

Consultancy Projects Details from Industry Assessment Year 2020-2021  S.No Project Title Duration Funding Agency Amount (In Rupees) Name of PI 1 Intelligent System for Identification of Phishing Emails, Fake websites and Sand-boxing Targeted Entity 11 months   Shopote Limited Rs 1,75,000/-   Dr Ashok Kumar Nanda 2 IOT Based Home Automation System  8 Months Shopote […]

CSEPG – Faculty Organized Workshops/ FDPs/ Training Courses

A Faculty Organized Workshops/ FDPs/ Training Courses during 2022-23 S.No Seminar / FDP / Workshop / Training Courses Details Dates Organizer Name Speakers No. Of Participants 1 FDP A 5-day Faculty Development Programme On “Document Preparation using LaTeX” 21st – 25th March, 2023 Mrs. Swathi Mummadi Mrs. Swathi Mummadi 50 2 FDP State of the […]

CSEPG – Faculty Interaction with Outside World

Interaction of faculty with Outside world during the Academic Year (2022-2023) S.No Faculty Name Outside world Activity Role Venue Date 1 Dr.Ashok Kumar Nanda Educator Excellence Award – 2022   Panel Member Palo Alto Networks Cybersecurity New Delhi 23-12-2022 2 Dr P Ramaswamy Best Researcher award for the year 2022 ITAP Award Kakinada 02-10-2022 3 […]

CSEPG – Laboratories

PG Program Specific Lab ACY 2022-23 Advanced Data Structure Lab Ability to select the data structures that efficiently model the information in a problem. Ability to assess efficiency trade-offs among different data structure implementations or combinations. Implement and know the application of algorithms for sorting and pattern matching. Design programs using a variety of data […]

CSEPG – Placements, Internships & Higher Studies

Placements Internships Higher Studies Academic Year-wise Student Placement Details  Programs Name and Assessment Year: M.Tech CSE & 2021-22 S.No. Name of the studentsplaced Enrollment no. Name of the Employer Appointment letter reference no. with the date 1 AKHIL PATLOLLA 20211D5801 Wipro 17-06-2021 2 UROOSA JABEEN 20211D5803 Kommuri Pratap Reddy Institute of Technology 31-03-2023 3 SOWJANYA MUPPARAM […]

CSEPG – Publications

Student Publications in Academic Year 2023-24 S No Student Name & Roll Number Authors Paper Title Journal/ Conference Name Volume, Issue, Pages, Published Date & DOI 1 T.Aswini 22211D5803 T.Aswini, Dr.K.Subba Rao Performance  Improvement of Software through Genetic Algorithm by using Test Case  Generation 3rd International Conference on Cognitive & Intelligent Computing Accepted for the […]

CSEPG – Curriculum

R22 Course Structure and Syllabus (w.e.f. Academic Year 2022-2023) M.Tech (CSE) – View R20A Regulations (with Amendments), Course Structure and Syllabus (w.e.f. Academic Year 2021-2022) M.Tech (CSE) – View R20 Regulations, Course Structure and Syllabus (w.e.f Academic Year 2020-2021) M.Tech (CSE) – View R18 Regulations, Course Structure and Syllabus (w.e.f. Academic Year 2018-2019) M.Tech (CSE) – View M.Tech (SE) – View