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S.No  Name of Inventors Departments Title of Project Patent File Number Patent Filed Date Patent Published Date
1 Dr. Amjan Shaik
Dr. K. Purnachand
Dr. Ashok Kumar Nanda
Dr. Ch. Madhubabu
CSE Weighted Coupling Support (WCS): A Metric to Predict the Fault Proneness of Object-Oriented Application 201941042760 A 22.10.2019 29.11.2019
2 Dr. Amjan Shaik
Dr. Ch. Madhubabu
Dr. K. Purnachand
CSE System and Computer Implemented Methods for Analysing Features to Generate Sleep Disorder Insights 201941045922 A 12.11.2019 29.11.2019
3 Dr. Amjan Shaik
Dr. K. Purnachand
Niladri Shekar Dey
CSE, IT Search based Binary Classification for Web Attacks Detection 201941042764 A 22.10.2019 29.11.2019
4 Durga Prsad Kavadi IT Method of Secure online voting using middleware security” -From Intellectual property of India patents, Govt. of India 201941027226 2.8.2019 31-08-2019
5 Mr. R. Anirudh Reddy ECE IVSV-System: Interacting With V- ATM Screens Using Voice System 201941023634 14.06.2019 28.06.2019
6 Dr. Ibrahim Patel ECE Wheelchair Driven Controlled by PV Array 201941002552A 21.01.2019 01.02.2019
7 Prof. M. C. Chinnaiah ECE VLSI Architecture for robot navigation in semi structured indoor environment 2/3830 /2016/CHE 30th Dec 2016 Published 2017
8 Prof.Dasaradha Ramaiah IT System and Method for use of Smart Mobile Language as a Computation and Communication on Mobility Devices and Software Applications enabling Green Computing and Communication 861 /CHE/2015 24th Feb 2015 Published 2015
9 Prof. Altaf Hussain Chemical Engineering A material testing machine and a method for assessing the strength bearing capacity of a given matter” 847 /CHE/2011  18th Mar 2011 Published  2014 
10 Prof. Altaf Hussain Chemical Engineering World low cost home gym equipment 241388 12th Dec 2011 Published  2014
11 Prof. A. Padma Rao Mechanical Engineering A mechanism to provide perfect steering condition in four wheel vehicle 1913 /CHE/2010 04th May 2010 Published 2012
12 Prof. A. Padma Rao Mechanical Engineering A mechanism for Steering of a four wheeler. 704 /CHE/2010  15th Jun 2010 Published 2012

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