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Examination Branch – Structure and Functions


  1. The Principal, as the Chief Controller/ Chief Superintendent.
  2. The Controller of Examinations nominated by the Principal.
  3. Four senior faculty members of the College to be nominated by the Principal as Additional Controllers.
  4. Supporting staff such as Administrative officer, Office Assistants, Computer Programmers, Data entry Operators and helpers

Controller of Examinations:

Dr.K.Murali Krishna Sarma
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The controller of Examinations will be nominated by the principal of the College on the basis of his experience and academic potential.


The Controller of Examinations shall supervise and look after the day-to-day activities of the Examination Section.

  1. Academic calendar preparation and Examination Notifications
  2. Taking the responsibility of collecting the Question papers, print them and make them available at the time of examination of End Semester Examination.
  3. Co-coordinating the conduct of examination, valuation, tabulation and publication of result.
  4. Issue mark sheets and provisional certificates to the students. The Controller of Examinations shall maintain utmost secrecy in preparing confidential materials like Hall tickets, Mark-Sheets and Provisional Certificates.
  5. Prepare budget of the Examination Section
  6. Keep the Accounts and record of the stock of the Examination Section.
  7. Maintain confidentiality of the bills relating to :
    1. Question Paper setting
    2. Question paper Printing
    3. Admit Cards/Hall tickets
    4. Mark-Sheets
    5. Certificates
  8. All the bills and related certificates shall be kept confidentially by the Controller of Examinations
  9. The controller of Examinations will obtain the Panel of Examiners in coordination with HODs. He will also identify the evaluators, chief examiners based on the recommendation of HODs.

Additional Controller of Examinations (ACE):

There shall be four Additional Controller of Examinations from among the teaching staff to assist the Controller of Examinations, nominated by the principal.

Additional Controller of Examinations-I (ACE-I): (Confidential)

  1. Collecting the list of question paper setters from Head of the Departments/BOS Chairperson.
  2. Printing of Question papers
  3. Any other work allotted by the Controller of Examinations related to confidential section

Additional Controller of Examinations-II (ACE-II): (Examinations)

  1. Time table for Internal and External Lab examinations, and theory Examinations.
  2. Maintaining Fee collection, remuneration budget related to exam branch.
  3. Allotment of Invigilation duties.
  4. Allotment of Examination Halls, Collection of Printed Question papers distribution & collection of Answer Booklets and the submission of answer booklets to ACE-III for valuation.
  5. Any other work allotted by the Controller of Examinations.

Additional Controller of Examinations-III (ACE-III) :( Evaluation).

  1. Evaluators allotment and Evaluation process
  2. RC/RV applications processing.
  3. Any other work related to valuation.

Additional Controller of Examinations-IV (ACE-IV) :( Results Processing).

  1. Allotment of Hall ticket numbers to students.
  2. Uploading the Internal & External Marks into the Database
  3. Maintenance of Database.
  4. Issue mark sheets and provisional certificates to the students.
  5. Compilation of results and submitting to the Academic Committee for necessary action.
  6. Any other work allotted by the Controller of Examinations.