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Teaching Learning Practices

AYSemesterYearSubjectTopicActivity/Teaching Learning Tool UsedName of the Faculty
IIAdvanced Data Structures Through C++Linear and non-Linear Data StructureQuiz using Kahoot TechnologyT.Shilpa
OOPS th C++Quiz using KahootJ Manula
Digital Logic Design and Computer OrganizationUnit -1 & 2 QuizQuiz using mentimeter, Kahoot, Syllabus Overview by MindMapV Anitha
PLDsStar FacultyPunna Rao V
Foundation Skills in Integrated Product DevelopmentUnit-III Rapid PrototypingGoogle ClassroomPradeep Kumar V
PESTLE AnalysisCase StudyRyakala Deepika
IIIComputer NetworksApplication Layer ProtocolsFlipped ClassroomG.Ramani
OSI LayersRole Play, Mindmap, Think-pair- shareDeepthi B
IVNetwork ProgrammingProgramsQuizzes and ProjectsLanke Pallavi
IIDesign and Analysis of AlgorithmsHow to reduce problem complexities?Think-Pair-Share and Flipped ClassroomDr. K. Purna Chand
Java ProgrammingSorting Simulator using GUIProject Based LearningLanke Pallavi
Formal Languages and Automata TheoryDeterministic Finite Automata, Non-AutomataChart presentationT.Shilpa
Finite Automata and Regular ExpressionsQuiz using KahootJ Manula
IIIObject Oriented Analysis and DesignUsecase Diagram, Activity DiagramGroup Activity-Image-Map-Crossword, Peer WorkG.Ramani
Ethical HackingUnit-I :Identifying Type of Hackers,
Firewalls and Type of Malwares
Group Discussion, PresentationsPradeep Kumar V
Compiler DesignBottom up parsingThink pair sharingPunna Rao V
Web TechnologiesMVC ArchitectureGroup DiscussionRyakala