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National Instruments Lab

Center of Embedded Automation

Faculty Coordinator: Dr. M C Chinnaiah

Faculty Members: Dr. Shaik Shafi, Mr. K.Rambabu, Mr. E Bharat Babu, Mr. Syed Munavvar Hussain, Mr. Kausalya Nandan, Mrs. M Anusha, Ms. P. haritha, Mr. P. Subramanyam Raju

Major Hardware / Softwares

S.NoMajor Hardware / Software
1HP Computers
6LABVIEW Software

Certifications done by Students

21CourseraOen Source tools for Data Science–131National InstrumentsLabVIEW Core 22–

S.NoPlatformName of the CourseNo. of students certified (2018-22 Batch)No. of students certified (2017-21 Batch)
1CISCOC Certification2
3Cognitive ClassMachine learning with python1
4Cognitive ClassRobots are coming! Build IOT Apps with Watson,Swift and Node-RED1
5CourseraAI for everyone31
6CourseraBigdata, Artificial Intelligence and Ethics2
7CourseraCybersecurity roles ,processes and operating system security1
8CourseraDetecting covid 19 chest Xrays1
9CourseraInterfacing with Arduino1
10CourseraInterfacing with Raspebery Pi1
11CourseraIntroduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems1416
12CourseraProgramming for everybody (getting started with Python)1524
13CourseraPython data structures53
14CourseraThe Arduino Platform and C Programming21
15CourseraThe Raspbery Pi Platform and Python Programming for the Raspbery Pi1
16CourseraUsing Python to Access Web Data1
17CourseraBeginning SQL Server1
18Courserantroduction to Data Analytics1
19CourseraMachine learning for all1
20CourseraMachine learning with python1
21CourseraProgramming for everybody (getting started with Python)1524
22CourseraPython data structures53
23CourseraWhat is Data Science?1
24IIRSSatellite Photogrammetry and its Application1
25Lasya InfotechJAVA1
26MicrosoftIntroduction to programming using python2
27NASSCOMJigsaw IoT1
28NASSCOMFoundational Artificial Intelligence1
29National InstrumentsLabVIEW Core 12
30National InstrumentsLabVIEW Core 31
31NPTELDigital Circuits1
32NPTELJoy of Computing Pythong1
33SimplilearnIntroduction to AI6
34CourseraIntroduction to Data Analytics1
35SimplilearnBeginning SQL Server1
36SimplilearnIntroduction to IoT44
37TCS- IONCareer Edge – Knockdown the Lockdown1
38TCS- IONCareer Skills Vantage1
39UDEMYInternet of Things1



S.NoDetails of the WorkshopDetails of Resource Persons ( In-house/Industry)Time DurationAcademic YearNo. of Students Benefited
1Fundamentals and Applications of LabVIEW for Graphical Programming Core-1Mr.Nagaraju, Application engineer VI solutions Bangalore10th- 14th Jan-20202019-2030
2Machine Vision and Image Processing using LabVIEWMr.Nagaraju, Application engineer VI solutions Bangalore19th-22nd June-201930
3A Comprehensive workshop on NI HardwareVI solutions Bangalore5th-9th March-20192018-1930
4LabVIEW Programming and Interfacing with myRIOVI solutions Bangalore12th -17th March-20182017-1833
5A Comprehensive workshop on NI HardwareVI solutions Bangalore26th Feb-4th March-201833
6Basics and Applications of LabVIEWVI solutions Bangalore24th -27th Jan-201833
7Basics and Applications of Image processing using LabVIEWVI solutions Bangalore12th-16th June-201733
8Advanced technology training-Level-IMr.Vansanth, Senior application Engineer, VI-solutions , Bengalore15-12-2016 to 17-12-20162016-1744
9Advanced technology training-Level-IIMr.Vansanth, Senior application Engineer, VI-solutions , Bengalore16-02-2017 t0 18-02-201744
10Hardware Interfacing with LabVIEWMr.Chaitanya Deshpande – Application engineer, Mr. Anyway Munde – Technical managerARK solutions, Delhi24th- 25th March-2-01744

Contests/Hackthons Participated by Students

S.NoName of the contestTitle of the projectName of the Student leadAcademic Year
1Smart India HackathonAnti Theft System for two wheelersSangaReddy gari Kruthi2019-20
2TECHgium(R)Identification of cracks on railway tracks using LabVIEWG Vineesh Kumar
3TI – IICDC 2019Assistive System for Primary School Children to Clear Urinary BladderAbhishek
4TI – IICDC 2018Design and Development of an embedded device for controlling foot neuropathy ulcerationSanghavi.S2018-19
5NIYANTRA 2017-student design contestHuman Emotion Detection Using ECG SignalsNikhil Srinivas2017-18
6NIYANTRA 2017-student design contestTesting and Analyzing Real Time Heart rate variability based on BCG signal using NI LabVIEW in HumansSurya Kodukula
7NIYANTRA 2016-student design contestTesting and Analyzing Real Time Visual Response based on SSVEP using Arduino and LabVIEW in HumansGolli Manisha
8NIYANTRA 2016-student design contestIoT based Biomedical monitoring system through Physiological signals using LabVIEW FPGAN Samhitha2016-17
9NIYANTRA 2016-student design contestAutomatic Vehicle Engine Locked Control and Alerting System to Prevent Drunken Driving Using Lab view and IoTAbhilash Reddy


Summer Internships

S.NoRoll NumberName of the StudentCompanyAcademic Year
118215A0440Shyam MadhavConstelli Signals Pvt. Ltd.2019-20
217211A0444MandeepV B Tech Automation
317211A0455VineshV B Tech Automation
417211A04C0NikleshwarV B Tech Automation
517211A04H4Sai CharanV B Tech Automation
616211A0490Ganesh NaikMitsubshi Electric
716211A0410Ganesh CharyDTDS
815211A0456Sumanth ReddyConstelli Signals Pvt. Ltd.2018-19

915211A04H4Sai Roshan RaoConstelli Signals Pvt. Ltd
1015211A0456Sumanth ReddyUSHA International Limited
1115211A0426MeghanaORL Industries2017-18

1215211A0456Sumanth ReddyORL Industries
1315215A0402AparnaSurya Electronics
1415215A0404PrabhandaSurya Electronics


Placements in Core Industries

S.NoRoll NumberName of the StudentCompany PlacedAcademic Year
216211A0485K KarthikDigilogic
315211A0456D.Sumanth ReddyConstelli Signals Pvt.Ltd2018-19

415211A04H5P.Sairoshan raoConstelli Signals Pvt.Ltd
515211A0486K.R AnvithaVeda IIT


CLAD Certifications by Students

Department of ECE, BVRIT Narsapur is glad to share that 17 students from Virtual Instruments special lab were certified as Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) by National Instruments, Austin, USA. Certifying CLAD student is said to have a basic understanding of coding and documentation best practices, and the ability to read and interpret existing code.

S.NoRoll NumberName of the StudentAcademic Year
116211a0477I B S N Varma2018-19
316211A0490Ganesh Nayak
417211A0411B. Gowthami
517211A0444K. Manideep
617211A0455G. Vinesh Kumar
717211A04C0M Nikhileshwar
817211A04H4P Sai Charan
917211A04N2T. Bindu Niharika
1018215A0440Shyam Madhava
1115211A0456Sumanth Reddy2017-18
1215211A0493K. Surya Tej
1315211A04F9Venkat Sai P
1415211A04H5Sai Roshan Rao
1515211A04J4C Ravi Kiran
1615211A04L8Sai Preetham
1716211A0410A. Ganesh


CLAD Certifications by faculty

S.NoName of the facultyAcademic Year
1Ms. P. Haritha Goud2017-18
2Mrs. M. Anusha2018-19
3Mr. P. Subramanyam Raju2018-19


CLD Certifications by faculty

S.NoName of the facultyAcademic Year
1Ms. P. haritha Goud2018-19


Student – Faculty Publications 2019-20

Kalathiripi Rambabu, Korra Ganesh Nayak, M. Vijayalakshmi, M. Sai Latha,published a paper titled” IoT Based Smart Irrigation System for Agricultural Field Using Lab View”, International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology Vol. 29, No. 6, (2020), pp. 3001 – 3010.
Kalathiripi Rambabu, P.Aravind Sai, E.Samuel, P.N.V.S.M .Varma, M.Sumanth Reddy, ” Monitoring and Controlling of Home Security System using IoT and LabVIEW”, International Journal of Control and Automation Vol. 13, No. 4, (2020), pp. 596 – 605. >
Rebelli Sowmya, T. Abhigna, T. Bhavya Sree, E. Bharat Babu,published a paper titled”Implementation of Model Radar for Target Identification using Remote Station Alert System”, International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET) ISSN: 2321-9653; IC Value: 45.98; SJ Impact Factor: 7.429 Volume 8 Issue V May 2020.
T.P.K.Nandan, S.Sangavi, B.Sandhyarani, V.Manish, D.Srilakshmi,published a paper titled ” DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF A DEVICE FOR VOETZWEER DETECTION USING LABVIEW”, The International journal of analytical and experimental modal analysis,- ISSN NO:0886-9367, Volume XII, Issue V, May/2020,Page No:112-116.


Student – Faculty Publications 2018-19

Shaik shafi and Aashritha, published paper titled “Testing & Analyzing Real Time Heart rate Variability and Pulse rate using NI-LabVIEW in Humans” in IJPAM,2018..
K.Rambabu, Jennifer Shalini, Shaik Ayesha Anjum, P.Ramya Ramani published a scopus indexed journal on “ IoT Based Drowsiness Detection System Using LabVIEW” in (IJRTE) 2018.
K.Rambabu, V.Haritha S.Nikhil Srinivas, P.Sanjana Reddy published a scopus indexed journal “IoT Based Human Intrusion Detection System using LabVIEW” in (IJITEE)
Sai Harish, Surya Tej, Prudhvi Raj,published paper titled” An Efficient and Low Cost Real Time Heart Rate Monitoring and Alerting System using Virtual Instrumentation”inISSN: 2277- 3878, Volume-8, Issue-1, May 2019.
Chinnaaiah. M.C,Nandan.K,T.Keerthi ,T.Sirisha,published a paper titled “IOT based Advanced Black Box with Accident Detection and Location Tracing with Engine Auto Engine Turn off”, International Journal of Engineering & Technology Vol 7, No 4.31 (2018): Special Issue 31.
Shaik Shafi,”published a paper titled” A Cross layer Cluster Based Routing approach for Efficient Multimedia Data Dissemination with Improved Reliability in VANETs, SCI-Indexed”, Wireless Personal Communications.
Chinnaaiah. M C, Anusha M, Kausalya Nandan, Haritha P, Sanjay Dubey, P S. Raju,” An FPGA based autonomous robot navigation in unknown environment using grid mapping”,published in International Journal of Engineering and Technology (UAE)-IJET- 7 (3.29) (2018) 423-427.
Shaik Shafi” Mobility-aware cross layer based reliable routing protocol for improved data dissemination in VANETs”,published in International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE)-april 19, ISSN: 2278-3075, Volume-8 Issue-6.
Dr.M C Chinnaiah,T P K Nandan,Haritha,Dr sanjay Dubey,Dr I A Pasha,” A new deliberation of embedded based assistive system for YOGA(DST:SATYAM project work)”, 8th Embedded IEEE Conference on 13-15 Dec. 2018.
Chinnaaiah.M.C, Anusha.M,” A versatile Communication Approach Between Autonomous Vehicle in dynamic Environment”,published in International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)-IJET, 7 (3.29) (2018) 412-415.
Chinnaaiah.M.C, Anusha.M,”real-time yoga activity with assistance of embedded based smart yoga mat”,presented in the 2nd international conference on IESC-2019,1-2nd march.


Student – Faculty Publications 2017 – 18

Mr. S.Munnavar Hussain, Mr.E.Bharat Babu, Mr.Sai charan K, Mr.Surya Vamsi, Mr.Y.Sachindra Nathl, “Driver Attention Tracking” published in International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), UGC Refereed, Peer and Indexed Journal with ISSN: 2320-2882, Volume-6, Issue-2, April-2018.
Mr. K.Rambabu, Ms.P.Supriya, Mr.K.Sandeep,“IOT Based Automatic Water usage Monitoring and Control System using LabVIEW” published in International Journal of Electronics, Electrical and Computational System(IJEECS), Peer Reviewed international journal with ISSN 2348-117X, Volume-7, Issue-3, March-2018.
Mr.Shaik Shafi, Ms.K.Aashritha, Mr.T.Vivek, Ms.B.Srija Reddy,“ Testing and Analyzing Real Time Heart Rate Variability and Pulse Rate Using NI LabVIEW in Humans” presented in National Conference on “Recent Advances in Power, Industrial Drives and Energy Evolutionary Technologies(RAPIDEET-2018)” during 20th &21st April-2018.
Mr.S.Munavvar Hussain, Ms.A.J N Sai Surekha, Ms.D.Archana, Ms.N Hannah Priyanka, “An FPGA Implementation of Health Monitoring System Using IOT” published in International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT), UGC Refereed, Peer and Indexed Journal with ISSN: 2320-2882, Volume-6, Issue-2, April-2018.
Mr.K.Rambabu, Mr.S.Sanjay, Ms.D.Chupernechitha, Ms.Ch.Pooja, “Monitoring and Controlling of Fire Fighting Robot using IOT” published in International Conference on Innovative Research in Engineering, Science, Management and Humanities (ICIRESMH) at The Institution of Engineers India (IEI) on 18th March-2018.
Dr.M.C.Chinnaaiah,” Survey on robot vision : Techniques, Tools and methodologies”,published in International Journal of Applied Engineering Research (IJAER), VOLUME 12, ISSN 0973-4562.
Shaik shafi,” An Efficient Cross Layer Routing Protocol for Safety Message Dissemination in VANETS with Reduced Routing Cost and Delay Using IEEE 802.11p”, wireless personal communications-june 18th ISSN: 0929-6212, Volume.100, issue 4, pp 1765-1774.


Student – Faculty Publications 2016 – 17

M.C.Chinnaiah, sanjay dubey,sk.shafi, published a paper titled “High performance and area efficient signed wallace tree multiplier using compressors”, in journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences 9 (1), 527-532.
MC Chinnaaiah, PS Raju, E Bharath Babu, S Shafi, K Rambabu,published a paper titled “A versatile assistive device for ADHD with speech therapy using embedded system”, 2016 International Conference on Research Advances in Integrated Navigation
Shaik Shafi,” An Improved Cross layer Cooperative Routing Protocol”,published inRAINS 2016, Apr-6-2017.
Manasa Pemmaraju , Sai Chand Mashetty, Srinivas Aruva,Mohanshankar Saduvelly Bharat Babu Edara,published a paper titled” Implementation of Image Fusion based on Wavelet Domain using FPGA”, International Conference on Trends in Electronics and Informatics ICEI 2017.


Student Projects 2019-20

S.NoRoll NumberStudent TeamTitle of the ProjectGuide
116211A0410, 16211A0433, 16211A0437, 16211A0457A. Ganesh, Ch.Sunny, D.Upendar rao, V. Goutham KumarBiometric voting system using Arduino Uno LabVIEWMr. S. Munavvar Hussain
216211A0485, 16211A0487, 16211A04C0K.Karthik, K.Abhyudhay, M.Sai PrasadVoice and EMG controlled robot using LabVIEWDr.Shaik Shafi
316211A0478, 16211A0477, 16211A0474K. Manu Subhash, I.B.S.N.Varma, G.Abhiram VarmaRobot control through voice recognition using LabVIEWDr.M.C.Chinnaaiah
416211A04B7, 16211A04A5, 16211A0490M.VijayaLakshmi, M.Sailatha, K.GaneshnayakIOT based Smart Irrigation System for agricultural field using LabVIEWMr.K.Rambabu
517215A0433, 17215A0432, 16211A04N1, 17215A0439S.Sangavi, B.Sandhyarani, V.Manish, D.SrilakshmiDesign and Development of a device for voetzweer detection using LabVIEWMr.T.P.K Nandan
616211A04F0, 16211A04E5, 16211A04H4, 17215A0431P. Aravind Sai, M. Sumanth Reddy, P.N.V.S.M.Varma, E. SamuelMonitoring and Controlling of home security system using IOT and LabVIEWMr.K.RamBabu
716211A04C2, 16211A04C5, 16211A04C1, 17215A0428M.Aishwarya, J.Manisha Reddy, M.Akhil, B.Sai Raga SireeshaAutonomous Fire Detection Alarm System at ForestDr.M.C Chinnaiah
816211A04J2, 16211A04M3, 16211A04P9Rebelli Sowmya, T.Abhigna, T.Bhavya SreeImplementation of model radar for target identification using remote station alert systemMr.E.Bharat Babu


Student Projects 2018-19

S.NoRoll NumberStudent TeamTitle of the ProjectGuide
115211A0415, 15211A0423, 15211A0429B. Sri Lekhya, B. Sri Hrushikesh, B. Yogitha RajImplementation of convolutional neural networks in frequency domainMr. S. Munavvar Hussain
215211A0408, 15211A0407, 15211A0411M. Anjali, A. Veena Sahithi, A. ShreyaHandgesture recognition system for differently abled people using LabVIEWMr. Bharath Babu
315211A0430, 15211A0426, 15211A0459B. Srinidhi, B. Meghana, E. SumaPhase noise correction with courier frequency recovery using QPSK in Audio ApplicationsMr. Bharath Babu
415211A0456, 15211A04H5D.Sumanth Reddy, P.Sairoshan RaoHigher order LDPC decoder for irregular codesMr. S. Munavvar Hussain
515211A0485, 15211A0481, 15211A0476K. Divija, K. Swathi, J. SravaniFoot Step Power Generator using LabVIEWMrs. M. Anusha
615211A0486, 15211A0496, 15211A0462K. R. Anvitha, K. Likitha, G. SreejaPet House Monitoring using LabVIEWMr. Shaik Shafi
715211A0493, 15211A0464K. Surya Tej, G. Prudhvi RajEye blink tracking using Raspberry Pi & LabVIEWMr. Shaik Shafi
815211A04H4, 15211A04F9P. Dinesh kumar, P. Venkat SaiOptical Character Recognition based Speech SynthesisMr. S.Munavvar Hussain
915211A04K1, 15211A04K2, 15211A04N3P. Sanjana Reddy, S. Nikhil Srinivas,V. HarithaIOT based Intruder Detection System using LabVIEWMr. K. Rambabu
1015211A04L3, 15211A04K3, 15211A04J2Jennifer Shalini, Ayesha Anjum, Ramya RamaniIOT based Drowsiness Detection using LabVIEWMr. Shaik Shafi
1115211A04L8, 15211A04J4, 15211A04J9T. Sai Preethan, C.Ravikiran, S.Tarun Sai PrakashRobot navigation using kinectDr. M.C. Chinnaiah


Student Projects 2017-18

S.NoRoll NumberStudent TeamTitle of the ProjectGuide
114211A0451, 14211A0448, 14211A0457K.Ashritha Reddy, B.Sreeja Reddy, Vivek .TTesting and Analyzing Real Time Heart Rate Variability and Pulse Rate Using NI Lab VIEW in HumansMr. Shaik Shafi
214211A0449, 14211A0453, 14211A0408N.Sai Samhitha, D.Harshini, M.Phani RohithEmbedded Assistive SMART MAT For Practising YOGA ASANA’SDr.M.C.Chinnaiah
314211A0437, 14211A0469Sandeep.K, Supriya.PIOT Based Automatic Water usage Monitoring System using LabVIEWMr. K.Rambabu
414211A04C9, 14211A04D0, 14211A04G1Sai Charan.K, Surya Vamshi.C, Sachindranath.YDriver attention tracking systemMr. S. Munavvar Hussain

Student Projects 2016-17

S.NoRoll NumberStudent TeamTitle of the ProjectGuide
114215A0408, 14215A0412, 13211A0419D.Vineetha, M.Divya Bharathi, M.AravindAn IOT based rescue operation kit to save child trapped in borewellMr. K.Rambabu
213211A0412, 13211A0423, 13211A0435, 13211A04F5V.Amulya, M.Babu Rohit, L.Charan, N.Tharun TejaSmart robotic assistantMr. Kishore.V
314215A0409, 14215A0406, 14215A0401K.Rahul, T.Ramesh, B.DileepMedical ware house monitoring and warning system using LabVIEWMr. Shaik Shafi
413211A0417, 13211A0481, 13211A0484B.Anoop Reddy, V.Nikhita, P.PavaniDesign and Development of Embedded Methodology to analyse the Bhujangasana using LabVIEWDr. M.C.Chinnaiah
513211A0415, 14215A0421, 14215A0420, 14215A0414P.Anjaneyulu, L.Anusha, K.Chaithanya, K.SarojaRobot Tracking and Picking Using LabVIEWMr. Mudasar Basha
614215A0410, 14215A0411Krupa Rani, SangeethaRemote GSM module monitoring and photovoltic system control using LabVIEWMr.Munnavar Hussain
713211A04A7, 13211A0471, 13211A04A1S.Sai Kumar, L.Meghanatha, R.Rohit Sai VarmaAutomated Irrigation system based on soil moisture using LabVIEWMr. E.Bharat Babu
814215A0422, 14215A0423Sandhya Rani, SushmithaRemote GSM module monitoring and photovoltic system control using LabVIEWMr. S. Munavvar Hussain
913211A0489, 13211A0477, 13211A04A9N.Prashanth, G.Naveen, Sai PraneethIOT Based real time home automation system using LabVIEWMr. K. Rambabu
1013211A04B9, 13211A0478, 13211A0482K.Sashmitha, M.Navya, N.VaishnavMulti sensor security systemMr. Munnavar Hussain
1113211A0486, 13211A0488, 13211A0494Y.Prabhakar Rao, S Praneeth, A.Rajasekhar ReddyHOBOT: A customizable home management systemMr. V.Kishore