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Mrs. A. Sandhya

Assistant Professor

M.E.: Bio-Medical Electronics (BME), College Of Engineering OU, Hyderabad, 2014

B.Tech.: Bio-Medical Engineering (BME), BVRIT (JNTUH), 2011.

Teaching Experience: 6 years

Contact Number: 8885191296

BVRITN Employee ID: Emp ID – 899 

JNTUH Registration ID: 5900- 170522 -170307

Ratified by JNTUH: YES

  • Life member in Force Biomedical.
  • Life member in The Indian Society for Technical Education.
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Medical Device Testing
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  1. A. Sandhya, K. Saiteja, G. Bharadwaja Reddy, and P. Akshitha. “Smart Fitness Suit.” In Second International Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering (ICETE 2023), pp. 199-206. Atlantis Press, 2023.
  2. A. Sandhya, Nama Ajay Nagendra, Sirasani Srinivasa Rao, Ibrahim Patel, K. Saikumar Published Paper “X’Finding Events of ECG Signal Using Wavelet Transform Decomposition Methods for Sustainable Application” in Journal of Green Engineering (JGE) Volume-11, Issue-2, 1321-1337. February 2021