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Mr. Alabazar Ramesh

Assistant Professor


Teaching Experience:  7 Years 8 Months

CContact Number: 9494744722
BVRITN Employee ID:1063 
JNTUH Registration ID: 5792-220706-105300

  1. Cloud Computing
  2. Machine Learning
  1. Assistant Professor of the Year award from ITAP in the year of 2022
  1. A paper entitled “Attribute-Based Constrained and Shared Access Management Scheme for Data Storage in Cloud” published in International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking – vol. 13, No. 2, 2020
  2. A paper entitled ”Protecting Shared Data in Multi-Party Computation in Cloud Computing ”published in The International Journal Of Analytical And Experimental Modal Analysis- vol 12,issue 3, 2020
  1. A paper entitled ”Improving the Performance of Speech Clustering Methods Using I-vectors ” AICTE sponsored 2020 International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering and Technology (ICRIET 2020)December 2020.
Sl NoBook TitlePublisherISBN Number
1AI & ML –Practitioners ApproachShanlax PublicationsISBN 978-93-94899-57-5
  1. A Convolutional Neural Network System For Behavioural State Classification Between Two Species , Patent Application No: 202241055795 A, Publication Date: 14.10.2022, Granted Date: 14.10.2022, Patent Journal Name: Official Journal of the patent office. 
  1. Problem Sloving through Programming in c, 12 Weeks and Jan-2020 and Elite
  1. Participated in the seminar on “WEKA A data Mining Tool” Sri venkateswara institute of technology in the year of  2016
  2. Attended to a workshop on “Big data analysis on Hadoop” held on two days , april 2019 at QIS College of engineering and technology
  3. Attended a four days online Faculty development program on “Python programming” in KLU College Hyderabad in the year 2020