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Ms. Ayesha Naureen

Assistant Professor, ATL Department Coordinator

Ph.D.: Pursuing, University of Technology, Jaipur, Registered in 2017
PG: M.Tech, Computer Science and Engineering, JNTUH, 2015
UG: Information Technology, JNTUH, 2012

Teaching Experience:  6 years

BVRITN Employee ID: 805
JNTUH Registration ID: 0761-150413-133148
AICTE Registration ID: 1-3397720395

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Certified Excellence in Course completion of Data Science, AP State Skill Development Corporation, Excel R.
  • Certified on Database Programming with SQL, Oracle Academy,2 may 2021.
  • Certifications in Coursera for different Technologies
  • Certification in Deep Learning Modules-getting started
  • Certification in Python programming, Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) June 2019
  • Lifetime Member of Computer society of India 2010000466
  • Biomedical Microscopic Imaging in Computational Intelligence Using Deep Learning Ensemble Convolution Learning-Based Feature Extraction and Classification, Computational Intelligence and its Applications in Biomedical Engineering,, 27 jun 2022, (SCI)
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  1. One week National Level FDP on “COMPUTER NETWORKS SIMULATION USING NS2” IN Association with TASK 10 aug 2020 – 14th aug 2020
  2. One week International FDP oan “Recent Trends in Computer Science & IT Association with IAPFE-USA, Indo UK CSTR-London UK,IACCPE-USA 13th july- 17th july 2020.
  3. 5 Day National FDP on Python 3.4.3 from 13th July – 17th July 2020—Association with IIT Bombay
  4. 1 week online AICTE- STTP on “Internet of Things Based Green Energy Systems 14th sep- 19th sep 2020.
  5. Leadership Talk by MHRD’s Innovation Cell on 20th Jun 2020
  6. 1 week FDP on “Big Data Management: An End-to-End Perspective”, Association with IQAC-MSRIT ,by AICTE from 15th jun – 19th jun 2020.
  7. Two days FDP on Cyber Hygiene Practices and Digital signature conducted by C-DAC Bangalore ISEA project by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology,GOVT of India.
  8. Webinars: National & International
  9. Faculty development program on Data Science and Big data Analytics by ICT Academy on 5th Aug-9th Aug 2019 at BVRIT.
  10. Faculty development Program on Introduction to python programming by ICT academy on 11th and 12th Feb 2019 at BVRIT
  11. Workshop “Blockchain Technology” 6days 24 dec-29 dec 2018
  12. Workshop on Hadoop(Hortonworks) 5days by ICT academy from 13 mar-17 mar 2018 held at BVRIT-N
  13. Technex ,IIT Varanasi association with Innovians Technologies on INTERNET OF THINGS for  one week workshop at BVRIT from 17th -22nd july 17.
  14. National level technical symposium on BIG DATA associated with ASHIRA LABS on 19th march 2017 at JNTU, Hyderabad.
  15. FDP on Data Science ,APSSDC ,ExcelR, June 1-june 30 ,2020