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Dr. Ch. Madhu Babu

Professor & HOD

Ph. D.: Acharya Nagarjuna University, 2018.
M. Tech.: Software Engineering, JNTU, 2000.
B. Tech.: Computer Science Engineering, JNTU, 1996.

Teaching Experience: 18 Years
Industry Experience: 6 Months

Contact Number: +91 9848854358
BVRITN Employee ID: 096
JNTUH Registration ID: 56150404-161904
AICTE Registration ID: 1-509641419

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Programming
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  1. Title of the invention: Weighted Coupling Support (WCS): A metric to predict the fault proneness of object-oriented application, Application No.201941042760 A, Publication Date: 29/11/2019. 
  1. As a Head of the Department (HoD), CSE, BVRIT, since 2018.
  2. As a Board of Studies (BOS) Member, Department of CSE, BVRIT, since 2014.
  3. As a Training and Placement Officer (TPO), BVRIT, UGC-Autonomous, from May, 2016 to Dec, 2019. 
  1. Two Week Faculty Development Programme on ”Cyber Sesurity, Cryptanalysis and Security for Physical Infrastructure” Sponsored by DST-ICPS, at GNITC, during 09-12-2019 to 20-12-2019.
  2. One Week Workshop on ”Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning” conducted by, initiative by Bennett University, Greater Noida, at BVRIT, during 11-12-2019 to 15-12-2019.
  3. One Week Faculty Development Programme on ”Internet of Things” Organized by the E&ICT Academy, NIT Warangal, at BVRIT, during 26-08-2019 to 31-08-2019.
  4. IUCEE “Virtual Academy Meeting” as part of Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education at BVRIT , on 06-01-2012.
  5. One Week Workshop on “Mission 10X”at BVRIT, during 10-10-2011 to 14-10-2011.
  6. Workshop on “Social Media Applications for handling business functions and customer interactions” at Jugular Social Media, 2010-2011.
  7. National Level Workshop on “MatLab for Engineering Applications” at BVRIT, during 26-08-2008 to 27-08-2008.
  8. Faculty Development Programme on ”IBM” at MLRIT, Dundigal, during 05-10-2007 to 07-10-2007.
  9. Faculty Development Programme on “J2EE Technology” at BVRIT, during 07-09-2007 to 08-09-2007.
  10. Faculty Development Programme on “Advanced ATM Technologies” at BVRIT, during 11-02-2008 to 13-02-2008.
  11. Faculty Development Programme on “Instructional Design & Delivery Systems” at BVRIT, during 19-05-2008 to 24-05-2008.
  12. Faculty Development Programme on “Trends in Digital Signature” at BVRIT, during 12-05-2008 to 15-05-2008.
  13. Faculty Development Programme IUCEE FLI on “Cloud Computing” at BVRIT, during 23-08-2012 to 27-08-20128.
  14. Faculty Development Programme on “.NET Technology” at BVRIT, during 07-02-2007 to 09-02-2007.
  15. Faculty Enablement Programme by Infosys Technologies Limited, at BVRIT, on 09-08-2010 to 13-08-2010.
  16. TECS Workshop on “Practical Program Verification” at Deccan Park, TCS, Hyderabad, during 14-02-2008 to 18-02-2008.
  17. Workshop (Sun Educational Services course) on “Developing J2EE Compliant Enterprise Application FJ310”at Sun Microsystems, on 11-07-2008.