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Dr. N. Mohankumar

Professor, ECE Dept.

B.Tech: – 2000, B. E., Electronics and Communication Engineering, Bharathiyar University, India
M.Tech: -2004, M.E., Electron Devices, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India.

Ph.D: -2010, Ph.D., VLSI & Nano Technology, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India


Teaching Experience – 23 Years

JNTU Registration No – 
Ratification Status – 

  1. Ultra-low power analog/RF applications
  1. Compact modeling of Nano-Scale Semiconductor devices.
  2. Electron transport in gallium oxide-based MOSFET.
  3. Quantum transport in low dimensional systems – MOS device physics.
  4. High Electron Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) for High Power and High-Frequency Applications.
  5. Advanced device architectures for terahertz applications.
  6. GaN-based Transistors for Biomedical Sensing
  7. GaN-based Transistors for energy efficient Lighting applications.
  8. Compact Modeling of Advanced HEMTs
  9. InAs-based transistors for Security applications
  10. Study of GaN-based Flip Chip LEDs with improved Quantum Efficiency
  1. Journal Publications – International – 94 (SCI & SI)H-Index–16, i10-index – 38, Citations– 12   (Q1 – 16, Q2 – 26, Q3 – 10, Q4 – 4)



  1. Conference Publications – International & National – 75


  1. Journals Cumulative Impact Factor: 150


  1. WOS Journals with Impact Factor: 81
  1. Senior Member IEEE (2016) and IEEE EDS R10 SRC Vice-chair (2018).
  2. Founder chairman for IEEE Electron Devices Society- Madras chapter (2010 – 2017).
  3. Secretary of IEEE EDS CHAPTER, KOLKATA (2007 – 2009)


  • Registered Guide of Anna University, Chennai.
  • Registered Guide of Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
  • Registered Guide of GITAM University, Bengaluru
  • About Fifty M.E. Students have completed their thesis under my guidance, and about three students are currently working to date.
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  1. Established Research Center (CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE IN VLSI & NANO-ELECTRONICS)Established a center for excellence in the field of VLSI andNanotechnology for One Crore Rupees in S.K.P Engineering College.Tiruvannamalai.
  2. Institution collaboration with international research labs (MOU) MOU withFrontier Research Labs of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan with S.K.PEngineering College in November – 2009 &MOU with New Jersey Institute ofTechnology, New Jersey, USA with S.K.P Engineering Collegein Decemeber-2010.
  3. Organized International workshops and conferences(IW NANO–2011 and ICEVENT – 2013) with IEEE Technical Sponsorship through IEEE EDS.
  4. Coordinator of NAAC and NBA visits SKP Engineering College, Tiruvannamalai.
  5. Served as a Head of Department PG Studies (ME–VLSI Design and ME–Applied Electronics)SKP Engineering College–Tiruvannamalai andproducedmore than 50 University Rank Holders with ME Gold Medal in VLSI Design (2012 Batch).
  1. An Intelligent Indian Sign Language Recognition System with Hybrid Classification Approach Using NAM – Published