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Dr. R. Naresh

Assistant Professor

Ph.D.: – Material Preparation for Thermal Energy Storage and Thermal Management, BITS Pilani,
Hyderabad- 500078, 2024
M.Tech: – Thermal Sciences, NIT Calicut, 2010
B.Tech.: – Mechanical Engineering, JNTU Hyderabad, 2007

Teaching Experience: 14 years 6 months (along with Research)

Contact Number: +91 9959496084
BVRITN Employee ID: BVRIT01162
JNTUH Registration ID: 9258-240110-112650

  1. No. of B.Tech Projects guided: 02
  2. No. of international journal & international conference publications: 07
  1. Thermal Engineering
  2. Energy Engineering
  1. Thermal energy storage phase change materials
  2. Battery thermal management
  3. PCM incorporated building materials
  4. Bio-based PCMs
  5. Thermo-structural analysis
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