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Mr. K. Ananda Kumar

Assistant Professor, ECE Dept.

B.Tech: – Electronics and Communication Engineering, SVH College of Engineering, Machilipatnam, ANU, 2007
M.Tech: – Digital Systems and Computer Electronics, MLRIT, JNTUH, 2015.

Teaching Experience – 3years 6 months
Industry Experience – 2years 5 months

JNTU Registration No – 3776-160223-202359
BVRIT ID – 736
Ratification Status – Ratified

  1. Award winner for the paper presentation on “Invisibility Cloak for Radar Systems” during B.Tech.
  2. “PROMETHEAN-2k18 – A National Level Technical Symposium” Department Coordinator.
  1. VLSI – SYNOPSYS Tools.
  2. Digital Design Concepts.
  1. VLSI Design
  2. Control Systems
  1. An Area and Speed Efficient Square Root Carry Select Adder Using Optimized Logic Units.” by Dr.P.Bhaskara Reddy, S.V.S. Prasad, K. Ananda Kumar; ISSN: 2347-5552, Volume-3, Issue-5, September-2015 edition, IJIRCST.
  2. “Parallel Self Time Adder using Full Swing GDI”, L.Babitha, Ch. Vandana, K.Madhava Rao, K.Ananda Kumar, International Conference on Research Advancements in Computer Science and Communication (ICRACSC-2016). ISBN: 978-93-85100-64-2.