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Mr. Mohammad Manzoor Hussain

Mr. Mohammad Manzoor Hussain

Assistant Professor

PG: M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering, Siddaganga Institute of Technology Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, 2010
UG: B.E Computer Science and Engineering, Visvesvaraya Technological University, 2008

Total Experience: 10 Years 9 Months

BVRITN Employee ID: 5087
JNTUH Registration ID: 9425-210409-110217

  1. Data Mining and Data Compression
  2. Data Science and Machine Learning 
  1. Got Best Faculty award in the year 2011 in Bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology, Chevella 
  1. Published a paper in December 2013 with title “Cloud Partitioning for public clouds using load balancing models” in IJEDR Volume 1 Issue 3 (paper ID: IJEDR_1303056).
  2. Published a paper in June 2014 with title “Trust based Solutions using Counter strategies for routing attacks in MANET” in IJISET Volume 1 Issue 4 (paper ID: V1S4_215).
  3. Published a paper in September 2015 with title “An approach for digital forensics using Behavior analysis” in IJEDR Volume 3 Issue 3 (paper ID: IJEDR_150774).
  4. Published a paper in August 2016 with title “The Effect of Symbiotic Algorithms on Robotics” in IJEDR Volume 4 Issue 3 (paper ID: IJEDR_161001).
  5. Published a paper in April 2017 with title “Information Security in Big data” in IJEDR Volume 5 Issue 2 (paper ID: IJEDR_170177).
  6. Published a paper in August 2017 with title “Decoupling XML from Sensor Networks in Simulated Annealing” in IJEDR Volume 5 Issue 3 (paper ID: IJEDR_171008).
  7. Published a paper in January 2018 with title “Android Phones Proactive Personalization ” in IJEDR Volume 6 Issue 1 (paper ID: IJEDR_180123).
  1. I presented a paper in August 2010 in the National Conference on Emerging Technologies in Computer Science with the title “An Application of FP-Growth Algorithm in a Dictionary-based Data Compression in Order to get frequent patterns” held in Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka.
  2. Presented a paper in April 2022 in ICACITE 2022 with title “Deep learning Support Vector Machine Application Management for Prediction Binding Elements” held in Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida, India.
  3. Presented a paper in July 2022 in ICSES 2022 with title “Conceptual Idea for Implementing Automated Complaint Monitoring System for Rural Development ” held in St.Joseph’s Institute of Technology, Chennai , India.
  4. Presented a paper in August 2023 in National Conference on emerging Technologies in computer science with title “Time-Series Cryptocurrency Forecasting Using Ensemble Deep Learning ” held in Baselios Mathews II College of Engineering, Kollam, Kerala,India.
  1. Published a patent in June 2021 with title “Privacy preserving spatial range query over outsourced encrypted data” with application number 202141021030
  2. Published a patent in February 2022 with title “An artificial intelligence & machine learning based system for railway asset management ” with application number
  3. Published a patent in June 2023 with title “An analytical strategy for enhancing the work environment through the use of application programming interfaces and human resource management systems.” with application number 202321028563
  1. Took training on “Python for Data Science” and scored 71% in the year 2022
  1. Attended a 3 day workshop on Android Development organized by PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore from May 10-14, 2017.
  2. Attended a 1 day workshop on ARM Processors and programming organized by RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore on January 30, 2017.
  3. Attended a 3 day FDP on Machine Learning organized by RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore from July 19-21, 2018.