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Mr. Mohammad Manzoor Hussain

Mr. Mohammad Manzoor Hussain

Assistant Professor

PG: M.Tech Computer Science and Engineering, Siddaganga Institute of Technology Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, 2010
UG: B.E Computer Science and Engineering, Visvesvaraya Technological University, 2008

Total Experience: 10 Years 9 Months

BVRITN Employee ID: 5087
JNTUH Registration ID: 9425-210409-110217

  1. Data Mining and Data Compression
  2. Data Science and Machine Learning 
  1. Annual/Lifetime
  1. Got Best Faculty award in the year 2011 in Bandari Srinivas Institute of Technology, Chevella 
  1. Published a paper in December 2013 with title “Cloud Partitioning for public clouds using load balancing models” in IJEDR Volume 1 Issue 3 (paper ID: IJEDR_1303056).
  2. Published a paper in June 2014 with title “Trust based Solutions using Counter strategies for routing attacks in MANET” in IJISET Volume 1 Issue 4 (paper ID: V1S4_215).
  3. Published a paper in September 2015 with title “An approach for digital forensics using Behavior analysis” in IJEDR Volume 3 Issue 3 (paper ID: IJEDR_150774).
  4. Published a paper in August 2016 with title “The Effect of Symbiotic Algorithms on Robotics” in IJEDR Volume 4 Issue 3 (paper ID: IJEDR_161001).
  5. Published a paper in April 2017 with title “Information Security in Big data” in IJEDR Volume 5 Issue 2 (paper ID: IJEDR_170177).
  6. Published a paper in August 2017 with title “Decoupling XML from Sensor Networks in Simulated Annealing” in IJEDR Volume 5 Issue 3 (paper ID: IJEDR_171008).
  7. Published a paper in January 2018 with title “Android Phones Proactive Personalization ” in IJEDR Volume 6 Issue 1 (paper ID: IJEDR_180123).
  1. Presented a paper in August 2010 in National Conference on emerging Technologies in computer science with title “An Application of FP-Growth algorithm in a Dictionary based Data Compression in order to get frequent patterns” held in Atria Institute of Technology, Bangalore, Karnataka.
  1. Attended a 3 day workshop on Android Development organized by PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore from May 10-14, 2017.
  2. Attended a 1 day workshop on ARM Processors and programming organized by RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore on January 30, 2017.
  3. Attended a 3 day FDP on Machine Learning organized by RNS Institute of Technology, Bangalore from July 19-21, 2018.