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Dr. S. Prem Kumar Deepak

Associate Professor

Ph.D.: SRM Institute of Science and Technology,2022
PG: M.Tech (Software Engg), SRM Institute of Science and Technology, 2013
UG: B.E (CSE), Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Engineering College,2017

Teaching Experience: 8 Years 
Research Experience: 3 years 
Industry Experience: 3 year 6 months

Contact Number:9159591104
BVRITN Employee ID: BVRIT01106
JNTUH Registration ID: 8313-230410-112943

  • Internet of Things
  • Underwater wireless sensor Networks(UWSN)
  • Software Testing
  • Computer Networks
  1. Best Presentation Award (Dr. Paarivendhar Research colloquium 2022) 
  1. Premkumardeepak, Dr.M.B Mukesh Krishnan,(2022). Secured Route Selection Using E-ACO in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks. Intelligent Automation & Soft Computing, 32(2), 963–978. SCI Indexed Journal, Impact factor:1.647
  2. Premkumardeepak, Dr.M.B Mukesh Krishnan, “Diagnosis of selfish behaviour nodes in underwater wireless sensor networks”. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology. Vol. 29, No. 9s, (2020), pp. 786-791
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  3. S.PremKumarDeepak, R.Divya “A Load Balanced Greening Approach for Proficient Resource Allocation with Cloud Partitioning” Proceedings of National Conference on Computational Intelligence in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, NCIEEE 14,ISBN: 978-81-924031-5-1
  1. A.Bhuvaneswari, and Dr.S.Premkumardeepak Machine learning-enabled intelligent traffic routing using Internet of Things and Geographic Information System “Application No; 202141002475 A, Publication Date: 22/01/2021.
  1. Acted as a Resource Person in FBS Technologies Chennai .
  2. Reviewer in journal named “IGI Global”.