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Dr. Shaik Shafi

Associate Professor, ECE Dept.

B.Tech: – Electronics and Communication Engineering, JNTU-H.2007
M.Tech: – Embedded Systems, JNTUH College of Engineering (Autonomous)-kukatpally, Hyderabad,2012
Ph.D: – ECE, K L University

Teaching Experience – 10 years

JNTU Registration No – 75150402-153536
BVRIT ID – 540
Ratification Status – Ratified

  1. University Topper in M.Tech
  2. College Topper in B.Tech
  1. Certified by NPTEL in the course Principles of Signals and Systems
  2. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) through Coursera
  3. Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems through Coursera
  4. Building Arduino Robots and Devices through Coursera
  5. Wireless Communications for Everybody through Coursera
  6. Introduction to satellite communications through Coursera
  1. M.Tech. guidance: Guided 4 students
  2. B.Tech. project guidance: Guided more than 40 students
  3. No. of SCI Journal: 2
  4. No. of Scopus indexed Journal: 8
  5. No. of international conference publications: 6
  1. Embedded Systems
  1. Mobile Adhoc Networks
  2. Embedded Sysetms
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