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Dr. V. Pradeep Kumar

Associate Professor

Ph.D. (CSE) – December 2021 – K L (Deemed to be)  University, Vijayawada, India.
M.Tech. (CSE) – August 2011 – JNTUH College of Engineering ,Hyderabad, India.
B.Tech. (CSIT) – April 2005  – HITS, Kessara, India.

 Teaching Experience: 12 years

Contact Number: +91 9948359908

BVRITN Employee ID: Emp ID – 437

JNTUH Registration ID: 59150404-104244

AICTE Registration ID: 1-785090174

  • Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Security
  1. ACM Membership (Annual)-(ID: 5781435)
  2. CSI Membership -(ID: F8002718)


  1. UGC NET 2012 –Lectureship Qualified
  2. APSET 2012-Lecturer ship Qualified
  3. GATE 2007-Qualified
  1. “CLOUD-BASED SOCIAL VIRTUAL REALITY IOT NETWORK WITH DEVICE SYNCHRONISATION BETWEEN THE REAL AND VIRTUAL WORLDS, Pradeep Kumar v et a.l, Application No.202341054342-A,filed on 12/08/2023, Published on 01/09/2023.
  2. “Multiuser Self-Cleaning and Sanitizing Revolving Public Toilet for COVID-19“, Ashok Kumar Nanda, Pradeep Kumar.V  et al. Application No. IN 336531-001, filed on December 18, 2020, Cbr Number: 23099, Cbr Date: December 18, 2020, Design Accepted and Published, Journal No. is 16/2022, and Journal Date is April 22, 2022, The Patent Office Journal, India.
  1. Rani, D. Sandhya, G Bala Krishna, M Radha, Sirisha K L S, V Pradeep Kumar, and Meduri Anupama. 2023. “GBJOF: Gradient Boosting Integrated With Jaya Algorithm to Optimize the Features in Malware Analysis”. International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication 11 (8s):538-48.
  2. Narayana, M. V., Vadla Pradeep Kumar, Ashok Kumar Nanda, Hanumantha Rao Jalla, and Subba Reddy Chavva. “Enhanced Energy Efficient with a Trust Aware in MANET for Real-Time Applications.” CMC-COMPUTERS MATERIALS & CONTINUA 75, no. 1 (2023): 587-607.
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  1. “Cyber Defense Engineering Using Python”- CyberVidaypeeth Foundation-11th Sep 2023
  2. “Fortinet certified Fundamentals in Cyber Security”- Fortinet Training Institute- 18th May 2023

Udemy Courses

  1. “NIST- Cyber security A-Z:NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF)”-21st July 2023

NPTEL Courses

  1. “Cloud Computing “–Aug 2018 to Sep 2018 ( 8 weeks)-Elite
  2. “Programming ,Data Structures and Algorithms Using Python”-Jan 2019 to March 2019 (12 Weeks)-Elite
  3. “Cloud computing with Distributed systems”-Jan 2020 to March 2020(12 Weeks)


  1. “Python 3 Programming”- University of Michigan-Specialization in Coursera-25th July 2020
  2. “Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Foundations with Anthos “-Specialization Certificate-05th may 2020
  3. “Certified network security specialist”-ICSI-Successful course completion-27thJuly2020
  4. “Usable security”- by University of Maryland on 5th April 2020
  5. “Architecture with Google Kubernetes engine: workloads”- by Google cloud Training-8thSep2020.
  6. “Google cloud platform fundamentals: Core Infrastructure”-by Google Cloud Training-28thApril2020.
  7. “Architecting by Google Kubernetes engine: Foundations”,- by Google Cloud Training-31st July 2020.
  8. “Architecting with Google Kubernetes engine:Production”,-by Google Cloud Training-8th Aug 2020.
  9. “Elastic Google Cloud Infrastructure: Scaling and automation”,-by Google Cloud Training-29th june 2020.
  10. Python Project:pillow,tesseract, and openCV- University of Michigan-25/07/2020.
  11. “Software Secuirty”-University of Maryland”-22ndAug2020
  12. “Python Functions, Files and Dictionaries”,-University of Michigan-11/07/2020.
  13. “Python Classes and Inheritance”,- University of Michigan-11/07/2020
  14. “Data collection and Processing with Python”,-University of Michigan-11/07/2020.

General Courses

  1. “Embracing Change” –Harappa-21st july 2020.

Edx Courses

  1. “Unlocking Information Security:Part-I by IsraelX,- 12th July 2020
  2. “Unlocking Information Security: Part-II by IsraelX-1st Aug 2020
  1. FDP-“Interenet of Things”-26th to 31st August 2019 at BVRIT,Narsapur,Telangana
  2. FDP-“Data Science Using Spark R”-10th to 15th June 2019 at KL University ,Vaddeswaram,A.P.
  3. Workshop-“Ethical Hacking”-5th to 6th Jan 2019 at IIT Hyderabad,Telangana.
  4. FDP-“Advances in Cloud Computing”-21st-26th April 2018 at BVRIT ,Narsapur,Telangana.
  5. FDP-“Secuirty Analyst”-26th to 30th Dec 2017 at VEDIC,Aziz Nagar,Hyderabad,Telangana.
  6. Webinar-“Know More – Teach More “, the Global Webinar on Cyber Threats and Defense Techniques”,-22nd july 2020,Global Education Career’s and forums,Hyderabad , Telangana.
  7. FDP-“Cyber Securuty”, 7thJuly -12th july Dept of MCA & CSE MGIT ,Hyderabad, Telangana
  8. FDP-“Faculty Development Enablement program”,-13th-14th aug 2020, Infosys, Hyderbad, Telangana.
  9. Webinar-“Agile methodology-practices for software development and testing”,-31st july 2020-Bishop Heber College-Thruchappali,kerala.
  10. Webinar-“Machine learning with MATLAB”-13th july 2020 SR Group of Institutions Jhansi
  11. FDP-“Practical approach on industry 4.0 &IOT” -01st Aug 2020to 2nd aug2020,NIT Suratkal,Karanataka.
  12. FDP-“CyberSecuirty”,-24th August 2020 to 09th September 2020, JNUTH , Telangana.
  13. Webinar-“Outcome based education software”-vmedulife software services.
  14. Webinar-“Use of LMS, Virtual Teaching and OBE Software Engineering Colleges”-vmedulife software services.
  15. Webinar-“Writing Research paper with Impact”, 29th July 2020 Department of computer Science and Engineering SRM Institute of Technology Chennai.
  16. FDP-“Introduction to Web development”, 17th to 19th July 2020,Spoorthy Engineering College,Hyderabad.
  17. FDP-“Emerging Trends in Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security”,-6th July to 10th July 2020,Hindustan Institute of Technology.
  18. Webinar-“Writing and Publishing Research articles in SCI Journal-A Framework”,19th Aug 2020.
  19. Webinar-“Cyber Security Career Guidelines and Opportunities”,BVRIT ,CSI Student chapter.
  20. FDP-“Flutter APP Development”,Brainovision Solutions Pvt Ltd.
  21. FDP-“How to turn Engineers in to Enterpeneurs”-9th ,10th and 11th august 2020 MBITS,Coimbatore.
  22. FDP-“Outcome based Education in Higher Education Sector”-23rd to 25th July 2020 MBITS,Coimbatore.
  23. Webinar-“Recent Approaches in BigData Analytics and Data Science”-12th Aug 2020.