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Mr. V. Sripathi Raja

Associate Professor

M.Tech.: Medical Electronics(ECE), Guindy college of Engineering (University Campus), Anna University, 2002.

B.Tech.: ECE, JNTU Kakinada College of Engineering, JNTUK,1999.

Teaching Experience: 17 years


Contact Number: +919849261507

BVRITN Employee ID: Emp ID – 025

JNTUH Registration ID: 97150407-102302

Ratified by JNTUH: YES

  • Life Member in Biomedical Engineering Society of India(BMESI)
  • Life Member in Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE)
  • Biomedical Equipment
  • Image Processing
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  1. Mrs. A. Srilatha & Mr. V. Sripathi Raja authored textbook titled “Biomedical Ethics and Professionalism” with Scientific Internal publishing House in May 2024.