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Mrs. Asharani.P

Assistant Professor, ECE Dept.

B.Tech: – Electronics and Communication Engineering, P.D.A Engineering College, Gulbarga, Karnataka,2011. .
M.Tech: – VLSI Design and Testing, B.V.B College of Engineering, Hubli, Karnataka, 2016
Ph.D:- Pusuing Ph.D from NIT Silchar

Teaching Experience – 3 years 8 months
Industry Experience – 1 year

JNTU Registration No –: 8065-161228-144206
BVRIT ID –: 822
Ratification Status-: Ratified

  1. VLSI, DDV, Digital Electronics
  1. VLSI Automation member.
  2. CIC Member.
  3. Result Analysis member.
  4. Department ECAP Member
  1. Attended the one week Faculty Development Program on “Role of Antenna in software Defined Radio and Military wireless Application” organized by E&ICT Academy National Institute of Technology Warangal at BVRIT in 27th April and 02nd May 2017.
  2. Attended the Five days Faculty Development Program on “Partial Reconfiguration Flow using Xilinx Tools” organized by BVRIT in Association with Xilinx University program and CoreEL Technology in19th -27th September 2017.
  3. Attended the Five days Faculty Development Program on “Trends in SOC Design and its application” organized by E&ICT Academy National Institute of Technology Warangal at Vasavi College of Engineering 19th – 14th December 2019.
  4. One Week National Level Online Faculty Development Program on “Emerging trends in Electronics & Communication Engineering”organized by Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering 8. College 05th to 10th June 2020.
  5. One Week Faculty Development Program on “Recent Trends in VLSI and Embedded Auto Industry” organized by the Centre for VLSI and Embedded Systems Design (CVESD) in association with Dept. of ECE, CMR Technical Campus, Hyderabad from 20th to 24th of May, 2020.
  6. One Week Online Faculty Development Program on”Advanced Antenna Design Using HFSS” Organized by Department of ECE ,Santhiram Engineering College ,Nandyal in collaboration with Vardhaman College of Engineering ,Hyderabad from 12-05-2020 to 17-05-2020
  7. One week FDP on “Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR)” from 16-06-2020 to 20-06-2020 at National Institute of Technology Warangal By AICTE Training And Learning (ATAL) Academy.
  8. Three days FDP on “Digital IC Design with DFT Concepts using Mentor Graphics Tools” from 29/06/2020 to 01/07/2020 Organized by Department of ECE in Collaboration with APPLY VOLT.
  9. 5 Days FDP on “Recent Trends and future applications in Electronics and Communication Technologies from 25/05/2020 to 02/06/2020.organized by Malareddy college.
  1. Art and Challenges of Writing papers for IEEE Transactions certificate on JUNE 8th 2020.
  2. Mixed Signal Design – Testing and Challenges on 27-06-2020
  3. “CYBER SECURITY” on 24th june, 2020
  4. “BASICS of STATIC TIMING ANALYSIS“ held on 26/06/2020
  5. COVID-19: Solutions with AI/ML on 10-07-2020
  6. The art of making Project Proposals on 25-06-2020
  7. National Webinar on GER in Education and Developing Countries 29th June 2020.
  1. Digital Circuits through NPTEL
  2. Hardware Modelling using Verilog through NPTEL
  3. FPGA computing systems: Background knowledge and introductory materials through Coursera
  4. Introduction to the Internet of Things and Embedded Systems through Coursera
  5. Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python) through Coursera
  6. Developing FPGA-accelerated cloud applications with SDAccel: Practice through Coursera
  7. Control of Mobile Robots through Coursera
  8. AI For Everyone through Coursera
  9. Developing FPGA-accelerated cloud applications with SDAccel: Theory through Coursera
  10. Wireless Communications for Everybody through Coursera
  11. Introduction to FPGA Design for Embedded Systems through Coursera
  12. YOGA FOR EVERY ONE (21-Days Online Course) 1st-21st June, 2020 conducted by BVRIT
  1. No. of international journal publications: 4
  1. A Versatile Design of Low Power and High-Speed Operational Amplifier using Nano Scale Transistors by Asharani. P, M. C Chinnaiah, T. Keerthi, T. Sirisha, Sanjay Dubey in International Journal of Innovative Technology and Exploring Engineering (IJITEE) ISSN: 2278-3075, Volume-9 Issue-5, March 2020
  2. Asharani.p , Chinnaiah.M.C, Saroja V. Siddamal, Priyanka Srilakshmi.V. “An Unveiling FPGA Based Coding Technique To Detect And Correct The Faults By Matrix Algorithm” International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)-IJET , 7 (3.29) (2018) 412-415 (SCOPUS)
  3. Sirisha, Chinnaaiah.M.C, Anusha.M, Asharani.P& K. Anusha “A versatile Communication Approach Between Autonomous Vehicle in dynamic Environment” International Journal of Engineering and Technology(UAE)-IJET,7 (3.29) (2018) 412-415 (SCOPUS)
  4. G. Divyavani, Chinnaaiah. M.C Sanjay Dubey, Asharani.P and T. Kalyani.P. “An Unveiling System to Clean Solar Panels with FPGA Based Robots.” International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics” Volume 118 No. 24 2018 ISSN: 1314-3395 (on-line version) (SCOPUS)
  5. Design and Verification of AMBA 3 AHB Lite Protocols by using GO2UVM Package in International Journal of Engineering Research in Electronics and Communication Engineering (IJERECE) Vol 3, Issue 10 October 2016 ISSN (Online) 2394 -6849.