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Assistant Professor

PhD: – Pursuing from GITAM University, 2021
M.Tech: – Embeded Systems, JNTUH, 2010
B.Tech: – EEE, JNTUH, 2007

Teaching Experience: 11 years
Industry Experience: 3 years

Contact Number: +91-9666007437
BVRIT Employee ID: 451
JNTUH Registration ID: 731505406-150128

  1. M.Tech. guidance: Guided more than 10 students
  2. B.Tech. project guidance: Guided more than 58 students
  3. No. of sponsored projects executed: 02 (MODROBS-AICTE & INDONOR SOLAR PV PROJECT)
  4. No. of international journal & international conference publications: 18
  5. No. of national conference proceedings & paper presentations: 08
  6. No. of guest lectures delivered: 26
  1. Solar PhotoVoltaic Systems
  2. Performance Analysis of grid-connected PV Systems
  3. Electric Vehicle Technologies
  4. Lithium Battery Energy Storage Technologies
  1. Network Theory
  2. Electrical Measurement and Instruments
  3. Utilization of Electrical Energy
  4. Basics of Machines
  5. Solar and Wind energy system
  6. Performance Analysis of grid-connected PV System
  1. Successfully completed 450MW Solar plant third party audit under consultancy work.
  2. Member of an International R&D Solar PV Project (INDNOR) a joint project of Elkem Solar-Norway, Titan-Energy Systems Hyderabad, and BVRIT.
  3. Setting-up of INDNOR solar PV Project, continuous monitoring and maintenance.
  4. Rupees 5 Lakhs got sanction from ELKEM Solar Norway, under consultancy project.
  5. Coordinator for 100 kWp VISHNU SOLAR POWER PLANT
  6. Presented 7- national level papers, and 4- international journal (including SCI, IEEE).
  7. Coordinated “ALL INDIA SOLAR PV MODULE DEGRADATION SURVEY” with the team members from MNRE & NCPRE (IIT Bombay) at BVRIT on 15th Oct, 2014, and 4th April 2016.
  1. Delivered a technical seminar on “Solar PV Power System Protection” at BVRIT2K18, Solar Workshop.
  2. Trained Assistant Engineers (2018 Batch) at BVRIT campus on “Solar PV Systems-Design and Grid-Integration Challenges” 28th August 2018.
  3. Delivered a technical seminar on “Solar PV (450KWp) system available in BVRIT campus” at BVRIT2022” Solar Workshop.
  4. Trained International Delegation from RECIPMT Govt of India at Vishnu Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education (VCPRE-BVRIT) on “Solar PV Testing”, 3rd August 2018.
  5. Trained Deputy/Executive Engineer’s working in different power utilities across India at Vishnu Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education (VCPRE-BVRIT) on “Solar PV Testing-Best Practices” as a part of training program at REC Institute of Power Management & Training, Govt of India, 11th July 2018.
  6. Trained International Delegation (working in power utility companies) from REC Institute of Power Management & Training (RECIPMT), GOI at Vishnu Centre for Photovoltaic Research and Education (VCPRE-BVRIT) on “Solar PV Testing-Best Practices in Operation and Maintenance of Solar Project” 3rd March 2018.
  7. Delivered expert lecture on “Challenges in Operation and Maintenance of Solar PV Power Plants” during Intensive Training Program on Solar PV based Power Generation Technologies organized by BVRIT Narsapur during 27th -31st January 2015, in collaboration with TRA International New Delhi, 30th January 2015.
  8. Delivered expert lecture on “Case study of Solar PV Power Plant and System Design Guidelines” for One Day Workshop on Solar Power Technologies organized by IEEE Hyderabad Section at BVRIT Narsapur 24th September 2014.
  1. R.Muneeshwar, N Ramchander, M.Bhanu prakesh,Tayyib, J O Odden, et al, “Two Years Performance Comparison of Elkem Solar Multicrystalline Silicon with Polysilicon in a PV Grid-Connected System” IEEE 40th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), Jun 2014 Denver, USA
  2. R.Muneeshwar,N Ramchander, Jan.O, Muhammad Tayyib, T.S.Surendra, B.Bhanu Prakash “Performance Assessment of a Grid-Connected mc-Si System made up of Si Material from Different Manufacturing Routes” IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 12-13 June, 2013, Florida
  3. R.Muneeshwar, Dr.bhoopal neerudi, mallika Subba, bimla Dhaka “Designing and analysis of Automatic solar street light charger”. ISST Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Vol 5, no1 (Journal –June 2014)
  4. R.Muneeshwar,Dr.Bhoopal neerudi, K.Sai Nikhil, MD.Aleemuddin and CH.Anubhav Reddy “Wireless automatic tank level controller using Solar module”. ISST Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Vol 5, no1 (Journal –June 2014)
  5. R Muneeshwar, N.Ramchander, P.Greeshma Reddy, “Performance and Degradation Analysis of Poly-Crystalline PV Modules Installed in Tropical Conditions” Annual National Conference on Recent Advances in Power, Industrial Drives and Energy Evolutionary Technologies” at BVRIT, 24th -25th October 2016.

Workshops/FDPs Attended: 

  1. Participated & completed AICTE Training and Learning (ATAL) Academy Faculty Development Program on AI & Smart technology applications to Solar energy and Electrical Vehicles Technology -Challenges, Issues and Hands-on at B V RAJU INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY from 20/11/2023 to 25/11/2023.
  2. Participated Five Day online Faculty Development Programme On “Emerging Trends and Challenges in Renewable Energy Systems”.(5th to 9th Feb 2024)
  3. Attended a three days’ workshop on “Inspire-Impact-Introspect (III) – Level 1” in VEDIC Campus, Aziz Nagar, Hyderabad held during 11th 13th September 2019.
  4. Attended a one day workshop on “Unconscious bias in the work place – UBW” in VEDIC, B.V.Raju Institute of Technology held on 4th February 2019.
  5. Workshop on Accelerating India’s Rooftop Solar Program, CII & Hero Future Energies, 25th April 2017.