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Mr. U. Gnaneshwara Chary

Assistant Professor, ECE Dept.

B.Tech: – Electronics and Communication Engineering – Jatipita College of engineering– 2006
M.Tech: – VLSI -VNR Vignana Jyothi institute of technology – 2010
Ph.D.: – pursuing in CMOS analog IC design for Biomedical Applications from JNTUH

Teaching Experience – 12 Years

JNTU Registration No – 86150402-165539
BVRIT ID – 507
Ratification Status – Ratified

  1. HAM LAB coordinator.
  2. M.Tech (VLSI Systems Design) coordinator.
  3. Team member in “Center for VLSI design”.
  4. VLSI Core Placement Trainer.
  5. PG (VLSI) Project Coordinator.
  1. Certified by NPTEL in the course Digital Logic Design
  2. Certification in Restricted Grade HAM License.
  3. Coursera Certification in Introduction to Quantum computing from St.Petersberg university.
  4. Coursera Certification in Introduction to Quantum Physics from St.Petersberg university.
  5. Certification in “SYSTEM VERILOG” by CYIENT Ltd.
  6. Certification in “Technical Entrepreneurship development” by Indian School of Business(ISB).
  1. M.Tech. guidance: Guided 15 students
  2. B.Tech. project guidance: Guided more than 25 students
  3. No. of international journal & international conference publications: 13
  1. CMOS Analog and Digital IC Design
  2. Quantam Computing
  1. Attended 5 day STTP Program on “An Emerging Paradigmof Low Power Computational Vlsi Design” at BVRIT from 16th June to 20th June.
  2. Attended 3 day workshop on “ Digital IC Design with DFT concepts using Mentor Graphics Tools” by Apply volt at MIST, Hyderabad.
  3. Attended 5 day workshop on “Advanced digital design using verilog” from 17th Dec 2018 to 23rd Dec 2018.
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