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Dr. P. Archana Rao

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. : JNTU Ananthapur, 2023
M.Tech. : JNTUH- B.V.Raju Institute of Technology, Hyderabad,2011
B.Tech. : Manipal University- Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka, 2003

Teaching Experience : 14 years (Along with R&D)
Industry Experience : 1 year

  1. UGC minor project, Rs 2,90,000/-, “Chemical industry effluent treatment using nano particles.
  • Chemical Engineering,
  • Membrane Separations,
  • Biochemical Engineering,
  • Design of Process Equipment.
  1. Archana Rao P, Satyanarayana S.V, TiO2 Nanoparticles as Bifunctional Adsorbent/Photocatalyst for Degradation of Effluent from Local Dairy in Telangana, YMER Volume 21 : Issue 7 (July), pp: 2022, 1308-1317
  2. Archana Rao P, Satyanarayana S.V., Improvement in photocatalytic activity of titanium dioxide nanoparticles through doping and calcination for textile wastewater treatment under visible light, Materials Today: Proceedings Volume 57, Part 4, 2022, pp: 1918-1923.
  3. Nandini, C. Naga Praneeth and Archana Rao, A review on membrane processes in dairy technology, AIP Conference Proceedings 2387, 030001 (2021), November 2021.
  4. Growth kinetics of chlorella vulgaris and botryococcus braunii based on presence of sodium bicarbonate in the medium as parameter, International Journal of current engineering and scientific research, Volume II, Issue XI, 2015.
  5. Archana Rao P, Mayuka, Yashwanth, Lokeshwar , “Kinetics and equilibrium for adsorption of Atenolol from water using Moringa Oleifera and Nirmali seeds”, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, Volume-9 Issue-1, May 2020, ISSN: 2277-3878, DOI: 10:35940/ijrte.A1748.059120.
  6. Municipal wastewater treatment using photocatalytic Silica nanoparticles.Scopus indexed journal Volume II, Issue XI, 80-86 june 2018.
  1. Archana Rao P, Satyanarayana S.V, “Environmental remediation using natural low-cost adsorbents for the removal of pharmaceutical contaminants from aqueous media”, Chapter in book “Role of Basic Sciences in Modern Engineering Education”, Weser books, ISBN: 978-3-96492-286-1.
  2. Therapeutic, prospective and applications of marine microbes as anti-diabetics, chapter in the book, “Handbook of Marine microbes the therapeutic, prospective and application”, with ISBN 978-93-5457-895-3.
  1. Life Member- Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers.
  2. Archana Rao P, Satyanarayana S.V., Received I st prize in paper presentation on “Degradation of model textile wastewater containing Azo dye” at 4 th national conference on current and emerging process technologies (e Concept 2021), February 20th, 2021, organized by Kongu Engineering College, Tamilnadu.
  3. Reviewer– International Journal of pure and Applied chemistry, 2021.
  4. Primary Evaluator – AICTE – Toycathon 2021 organized by – Ministry of Education Innovation Cell, Govt. of India.
  1. Patent has been filed against “Fluid agitation reactor with modified inclined baffles” Application number: 202041049196. Date of filing : 11/11/2020.Date of publication: 20/11/2020.
  2. Patent has been granted against “A Curved rectangular stack channel heat exchanger” Patent number 389246 & Application number: 202141030765. patent granted on 15/02/ 2022.